New Avenues for Brain repair: Programming and reprogramming the Central Nervous System

The development of new therapies for neurodegenerative disease faces a multitude of challenges. Yet, an increased understanding of central nervous system development, of the barriers to regeneration during adult life, and the recent progress in reprogramming cell identities, carry promise to pave new avenues for brain repair.
This conference aims at providing a multidisciplinary examination of strategies and opportunities to make brain repair a future reality.
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Confirmed speakers:

Alejandro Schinder (Instituto Leloir Fundacion, Argentina)

Arnold Kriegstein (University of California San Diego, US)

Hynek Wichterle (Columbia University, US)

Benedikt Berninger (Universitätsmedizin Mainz Munich, Germany)

Pierre Vanderhaeghen (Institute of Interdisciplinary Research IRIBHM, Belgium)

Jeff Macklis (Harvard University, US)

Magdalena Götz (LMU, Germany)

Marius Wernig (Stanford University, US)

Kevin Eggan (Harvard University, US)

Oliver Hobert (Columbia University, US)

Sally Temple (Albany Medical College, US)

Zhigang He (IDDRC Boston, US)

Sonia Garel (Paris, France)

Nicola Allen (The Salk Institute, US)

Paola Arlotta (Harvard University, US)

10 Jun - 11 Jun 2013
United States of America
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