RNA editing

he 2013 Gordon Research Conference on RNA Editing brings together leading researchers to discuss research at the forefront of the modification and editing of RNA and DNA. Editing and modification is found in diverse organisms and influences many basic processes such as: gene expression, splicing, protein synthesis, small RNA processing and expression, and genetic imprinting. Disease-related areas impinged upon by RNA/DNA editing and modification include: metabolism, immune system function, cancer virus replication, and nervous system development and function. This biennial conference has been held for 15 years and remains the only recurring meeting devoted to these topics. The RNA Editing GRC provides an outstanding venue for investigators to present novel findings and new approaches, while also providing a collegial opportunity for participants to interact at a conference that promotes the dissemination of science at the cutting edge.

This meeting will include about 50 speakers representing the central areas of RNA and DNA Editing and Modification, and a total of about 140 participants. The program will be organized to bring together investigators working on different systems with common areas of interest, in the following broad areas: evolution and diversity in editing and modification; target site recognition and catalysis by editing and modification enzymes; editing and innate immunity; regulation of editing and modification; editing, viral infection and host defense; macromolecular machines and functional interactions; structural insights into RNA editing and modification; biological and medical impact of editing and modification; RNA editing and RNA interference. A number of the speakers will be chosen from submitted abstracts, particularly from graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, junior faculty, and underrepresented minorities. In addition, the program will include four late afternoon poster sessions at which all participants are encouraged to present results, and otherwise free afternoons to foster scientific interactions.
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Origins and Diversity of Editing and Modification
(Juan Alfonso / Henri Grosjean / Juan Alfonso / Yi-Tao Yu / Valerie De Crecy-Lagard)
Editing and Modification in the Context of Disease
(Josh Rosenthal / Fred Alt [keynote] / Ron Emeson / Thomas Meier / Josh Rosenthal)
Identification and Engineering of New Enzymes/Substrates
(Jane Jackman / Jane Jackman / Erez Levanon / Stuart Shuman / Gideon Rechavi / Gordon Carmichael)
Roles for Editing and Modification in Immunity and Host Defense
(Reuben Harris / Reuben Harris / Harold Smith / Yasumasa Iwatani / Mark Helm / Kazuko Nishikura)
Editing and Modification as Drivers of Evolution and Adaptation
(Michael Jantsch / Michael Jantsch / Eli Eisenberg / Mary O’Connell / Bob Braun)
Macromolecular Machines and Functional Interactions
(Ruslan Aphasizhev / Ruslan Aphasizhev / Ken Stuart / Laurie Read / Maureen Hanson)
Regulation and Biological Consequences of Editing and Modification
(Lynne Maquat / Marie Ohman / Peter Dedon / Larry Simpson / Charles Samuel)
Target Site Recognition and Catalysis by Editing and Modification Enzymes
(Brenda Bass / Brenda Bass / Peter Beal / Hong Li / Juli Feigon)
Quality Control of Editing and Modification
(Jonatha Gott / Jonatha Gott / Chuan He / Eric Phizicky / Stuart Shuman)

6 Jan - 11 Jan 2013
United States of America
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