Stochastic Physics in Biology

The second installation of this new GRC brings together researchers working on problems at the interface between biology and physics. Recent studies have shown that the behaviors of many biological systems are not deterministic; rather, they are driven by stochastic effects that emerge in the limit of small molecule numbers. The discovery of phenomena not predicted by classic deterministic dynamics is driving exciting new areas of research in biology. Topics at this GRC will focus on both theoretical and experimental approaches that address foundational questions about stochasticity in living systems. In particular, areas of research in studies of biological noise, nonlinear dynamics, and emergent behaviors at different time scales will be highlighted. This conference is designed to maximize discussions and interactions among researchers in diverse disciplines.

Tentative sessions:

Foundations and current approaches;
Stochasticity, physics and biology;
Emergent phenomena in cell biology;
Fluctuations and stochasticity at all scales;
Thermodynamics and stochastic open systems;
Stochastic dynamics and molecular biology;
Force, mechanics, and cell biology;
Biological dynamics in space and time;
Stochastic nonlinear dynamics, models and computations
+ show speakers and program
Ivet Bahar (Pittsburgh), Doug Barrick (Johns Hopkins), Jianshu Cao (MIT), Tom Chou (UCLA), Ken Dill (Stony Brook), Mans Ehrenberg (Uppsala), Johan Elf (Uppsala), Elliot Elson (Washington Univ.), Timothy Elston (UNC), Massimiliano Esposito (Brussels), Adrienne Fairhall (Univ. Washington), James Ferrell (Stanford), Margaret Gardel* (U. Chicago), Albert Goldbeter (Brussels), Mark Goulian (U. Penn), Doug Lauffenburger (MIT), Rachel Kuske (UBC), William Loomis (UCSD), Jonathan Mattingly* (Duke), Daniel Needleman (Harvard), Susan Rosenberg (Baylor), Matt Scott (Waterloo), Udo Seifert (Stuttgart), Chao Tang (UCSF), Nancy Thompson (UNC), Peter von Hippel* (Oregon), Jonathan Weissman (UCSF), Lani Wu (UTSW), Michael Zhang (CSHL), Xiaowei Zhuang* (Harvard)

(* to be confirmed)

Foundations and Current Approaches
(Peter von Hippel / Ken Dill / Elliot Elson)
Stochasticity, Physics and Biology
(Nancy Thompson / Mans Ehrenberg / Tom Chou / Peter von Hippel)
Emergent Phenomena in Cell Biology
(Susan Rosenberg / James Ferrell / Doug Lauffenburger)
Fluctuations and Stochasticity at all Scales
(Michael Zhang / Doug Barrick / Adrienne Fairhall / Sui Huang)
Thermodynamics and Stochastic Open Systems
(Udo Seifert / Massimiliano Esposito)
Stochastic Dynamics and Molecular Biology
(Ivet Bahar / Daniel Needleman / Tim Elston / J.-S. Cao)
Force, Mechanics, and Polarity
(William Loomis / Lani Wu / Michael Murrell)
Biological Dynamics in Space and Time
(Chao Tang / Johan Elf / Mark Goulian / Matt Scott)
Stochastic Nonlinear Dynamics, Models and Computations
(Albert Goldbeter / Rachel Kuske)

13 Jan - 18 Jan 2013
United States of America
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