Fibronectin, Integrins & Related Molecules

The 2013 Gordon Research Conference on Fibronectin, Integrins and Related Molecules will be held February 10th - 15th at the Ventura Beach Marriott, Ventura, California. This conference has emerged as a key scientific meeting for those interested in integrins and the interactions between cells with the extracellular matrix in development, homeostasis and disease. The program encompasses a full range of topics, from studies in whole organisms to single molecules. The conference seeks to encourage those who attend the meeting to explore new research directions, by showcasing the latest developments in imaging, modelling, biosensors, mechanobiology and clinical translation. We look forward to including in the program approximately 20 short talks from the applicants, and two poster sessions. Graduate students and postdoctoral scientists are encouraged to also apply to the associated Gordon Research Seminar.
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Building Animals
(David Sherwood / Douglas DeSimone)
Maintaining Health
(Jane Sottile / Reinhard Fässler / Ronen Alon)
Contributions to Disease
(Richard Hynes / Catherine Park)
Linking to the Cytoskeleton
(Clare Waterman / Mary Beckerle / Marie-France Carlier)
Substrate Mechanics
(Andrés J. Garcia / Celeste Nelson)
Dynamic Contacts in Migration
(Gaudenz Danuser / Gregory Giannone / Anna Huttenlocher)
Integrating Force
(Michael Lampson / Margaret Gardel)
Regulation and Activation
(Johanna Ivaska / Mark Ginsberg / David Calderwood)
(Junichi Takagi / Titus Boggon)

10 Feb - 15 Feb 2013
United States of America
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