Nitric Oxide Formation and Signaling by NO and Related Reactive Nitrogen Oxides

The Nitric Oxide (NO) Gordon Research Conference is designed to provide chemists, biologists, cell biologists, physiologists, clinicians and other scientists with state of the art knowledge on the basic concepts of NO and related bioactive nitrogen oxides as signaling molecules in physiological and pathophysiological states. The main strength of this meeting is the opportunity for cross disciplinary interactions and exploring new vistas in this important translational field of research. Invited speakers are encouraged to present their most recent findings and there will be ample discussion time scheduled after each talk. A particular focus for this meeting is to make a sincere effort to promote and showcase the work of young investigators. New works are also to be featured in a hot topics session and in two prominently featured poster sessions.
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Keynote Presentation: The Road to Stockholm - A Nobel Mission
(Louis J. Ignarro)
S-Nitrosation in Physiology and Pathophysiology
(Harry Ischiropoulus / Gary Loake / Douglas Thomas)
Novel Roles of NO in Vascular Biology
(William Sessa, Dennis Stuehr / Stefan Offermanns / Adam Straub / Annarita deLorenzo / Arnab Ghosh)
NO and Oxidative Stress
(Amrita Ahluwalia, Eddie Weitzberg / Mattias Carlström / Harold Schmidt / Thomas Hintze)
Nitrate, Nitrite and Nitro Fatty Acids
(Bruce Freeman, Anje Cauwels / Tienush Rassaf / Brian Zuckerbraun / Courtney Sparacino-Watkins / Dario Vitturi)
NO Transport and Storage
(Jon Fukuto, Dave Wink / Des Richardson / Jay Zweier)
Late Breaking Findings and Hot Topics
(Mark Gladwin, Victor Darley-Usmar)
Cancer, inflammation and iNOS
(Timothy Billiar / Anita Hjelmeland / Christoffer Switzer)
Modulators of NO Bioactivity
(Martin Feelisch, Jack Lancaster, Jr. / Bernadette Fernandez / Laurel Lenz / Chritian Heiss / Ingrid Fleming)

17 Feb - 22 Feb 2013
United States of America
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