Quantitative Genetics & Genomics Genetics of Complex Disease and Other Phenotypes

Many diseases that affect humans, animals, and plants are so-called complex traits, in that variation in susceptibility between individuals is affected by multiple genetic and environmental factors. Thus, strategies to understand and utilize the genetic basis and genetic architecture of these traits relies on the application of quantitative genetics. Traditionally built upon statistical abstractions of genetic effects, the field of quantitative genetics is now rapidly advancing by making use of the extensive and rapid developments in genetic and genomic technologies to reveal explicit links between genes and complex phenotypes. The field of quantitative genetics, therefore, serves as a focal point for bringing together many existing and emerging areas of genetics, genomics, physiology, epidemiology, statistics, and computational biology. The strength and aim of the Gordon Research Conference on "Quantitative Genetics & Genomics" is that it brings leaders in the fields of human genetics, plant and animal breeding and genetics, and evolutionary genetics together in a unique format that promotes an open exchange of ideas and presentation of unpublished results on cutting edge developments in the field. In 2013, the Gordon Research Conference will be preceded by a Gordon Research Seminar, which will allow an unparalleled opportunity for up and coming students and postdoctoral researchers to exchange ideas on the most cutting edge science, gain experience presenting their work in a high-profile setting, and interact with leaders in their field. The 2013 Conference and Seminar will focus on many cutting-edge developments in the field of quantitative genetics but with specific emphasis on the genetics of complex disease, including whole genome and next generation sequencing approaches to understanding and exploiting genetic variation, to identify causal genes and pathways, genome architecture and regulation, systems genetics, host-pathogen interaction and co-evolution, non-traditional forms of inheritance, and statistical genetics and genomics.
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Challenges and Prospects for Complex Disease Genetics and Genomics
(Jack Dekkers / Bruce Walsh / Joseph Nadeau)
Integrated Strategies for Genome-Wide Association Studies
(Stephan Beck / Karen Mohlke / Naomi Wray)
Evolutionary Genetics of Complex Disease
(Dominique Schneider / Ehab Abouheif)
Genetics of Host-Pathogen Interactions
(Andrew Benson / Francis Jiggins / Susan McCouch)
Statistical Genetics and Epidemiology
(Sharon Browning / Andrea Doeschl-Wilson)
Genetic Improvement using Genomics
(Jean-Luc Jannink / Dorian Garrick)
Towards Predictive Models of Complex Phenotypes
(Elias Chaibub Neto)
Functional Dissection of Complex Phenotypes
(Michel Georges / Kerstin Lindblad-Toh / Pat Schnable)
Beyond Next Generation Genetics
(Doreen Ware / Antonio Reverter)

17 Feb - 22 Feb 2013
United States of America
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