Gaseous Ions: Structures, Energetics & Reactions

The Gaseous Ions: Structures, Energetics and Reactions Gordon Research Conference will focus on ions and their interactions with molecules, surfaces, electrons, and light. The long-standing goal of our community is to develop new strategies for capturing complex molecular architectures as gas phase ions where they can be isolated, characterized and manipulated with great sensitivity. Emergent areas of interest include catalytic mechanisms, cryogenic processing of ions extracted from solution, ion fragmentation mechanisms, and new methods for ion formation and structural characterization. The conference will cover theoretical and experimental advances on systems ranging from model studies at the molecular scale to preparation of nanomaterials and characterization of large biological molecules. Our GRC provides a forum for the integration of basic science with the application of fundamental principles and phenomena to a wide range of practical problems. Each of the nine conference sessions will focus on a topic within this spectrum, and there will also be poster sessions for contributed papers, with sufficient space and time to allow all participants to present their latest results. To encourage active participation by young investigators, about ten of the poster abstracts will be selected for 15 minute "hot topic" talks during the conference sessions. Hot topic selection will be done about a month before the meeting. Funds should be available to offset the participation cost for young investigators.
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Ambient Ionization
(Jesse Beauchamp / Gary Van Berkel / Sarah Trimpin)
Ion Activation and Dissociation
(Mary Rodgers / Vicki Wysocki / Bela Paizs / Julia Laskin)
Hydration and Clusters
(Rebecca Jockusch / Takashi Nagata / Sotiris Xantheas)
Cold Ions
(Marcel Drabbels / Thomas Rizzo / Knut Asmis / Paul Scheier)
Chemical Imaging and Microscopy
(Akos Vertes / Ron Heeren / Nickolas Winograd)
Macromolecular and Noncovalent Complexes
(Brandon Ruotolo / Joseph Loo / Michael Bowers / Dieter Gerlich)
From Ions to Nanomaterials
(Stefan Vajda / Scott Anderson / Alec Wodtke)
Organic Reactions and Catalysis
(Veronica Bierbaum / Detlef Schröder / Jeehiun Lee / Peter Chen)
Keynote Presentation: Ionic Reactions at Surfaces, in Droplets, and in Vacuum
(R. Graham Cooks)

24 Feb - 1 Mar 2013
United States of America
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