Glial Biology: Functional Interactions among Glia & Neurons

The broad and long-term goal of the conference is to understand how glial cells interact with one another and with neurons and how the interplay between glia and neurons contributes to normal function and diseases of the brain. The biology of astrocytes and microglial cells, more than that of oligodendrocytes, is emphasized in this meeting.

Leaders in the field will discuss critical areas of glial research and emerging young scholars will have the opportunity to share new ideas.

The program will have nine sessions that broadly address glia cell involvement in synaptic structure and function, neurogenesis, brain energy metabolism, cerebral blood flow, and some neurological diseases. In addition, two poster sessions will permit all participants to contribute to discussion of these topics. The health relatedness of this meeting is that glial cells participate in many, possibly all, neurological and psychiatric diseases. Discussions about current research will advance our understanding of glial cells in both health and disease. In addition, specific presentations at this conference will focus on the involvement of glial cells in brain development, synaptic transmission, normal and deranged energy metabolism (e.g., stroke and hypoglycemia), tumor formation and spread and in the control of cerebral blood flow.

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Astrocytes and Synaptic Communication
(Vlad Parpura / Richard Robitalle / Andrea Volterra / Dimitri Rusakov / St├ęphane Oliet)
Glia and Brain Development
(Harry Sontheimer / Ben Barres / Beth Stevens / Nicola Allen)
Neuronal Metabolism and the Astrocyte
(Gerald Dienel / Pierre Magistretti / Bruce Ransom)
Glia and Behavioral Control
(Bruce Ransom / Phil Haydon / Maiken Nedergaard / Christian Giaume)
Endocannabinoids and Glia
(Jaideep Bains / Xia Zhang / Thomas Nevian / Giovanni Marsicano)
Control of Blood Flow
(Richard Robitaille / Harry Sontheimer / Eric Newman)
Model Approaches to Study Glia
(Ken McCarthy / Marc Freeman / Dwight Bergles / Tzumin Lee / Bal Khakh)
Brain Disorders and Glia
(Richard Ransohoff / David Attwell / Justin Lee / Michael Sofroniew)
Microglia and Synaptic Stripping
(Helmut Kettenmann / Shumin Duan / Richard Ransohoff / Jonathon Kipnis / Cornelius Gross)

3 Mar - 8 Mar 2013
United States of America
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