Inorganic Reaction Mechanisms Energy, Materials, and Environmental Advances

The 2013 Gordon Conference on Inorganic Reaction Mechanisms will present cutting-edge research on the molecular aspects of inorganic reactions involving elements from throughout the periodic table and state-of-the art techniques that are used in the elucidation of reaction mechanisms. The Conference will feature a wide range of topics, such as homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis, metallobiochemistry, electron-transfer in energy reactions, polymerization, nitrogen fixation, green chemistry, oxidation, biomass and solar conversion, alkane functionalization, organotransition metal chemistry, computational chemistry, biosensing, and environmental remediation. The talks will cover themes of current interest including energy, materials, bioinorganic, and environmental advances. The Conference will bring together a collection of diverse and international investigators who are at the forefront of their field, and will provide opportunities for junior scientists and graduate students to present their work in poster format and exchange ideas with leaders in the field. Eight to ten poster presenters will be selected to give short talks, giving an important avenue for the dissemination and discussion of the most recent and exciting results in the field. The collegial atmosphere of this Conference, with programmed discussion sessions as well as opportunities for informal gatherings in the afternoons and evenings, provides an avenue for scientists to brainstorm and promotes cross-disciplinary collaborations in the various research areas represented. Researchers at an early stage of their careers are encouraged to apply early for poster presentations as funds might be available to cover some of the meeting cost.
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Electron-Transfer in Energy Reactions
(Andreja Bakác / James Mayer / Patrick Holland)
Catalytic Polymerization and Materials Chemistry
(Wayde Konze / Robert Waymouth / Clark Landis / Sandro Gambarotta / Javier Vela-Becerra)
Kinetics and Spectroscopy of Heterogeneous Catalysts
(Jeffrey Miller / Susannah Scott)
Hydrocarbon Functionalization and its Application in Organic Synthesis
(Aaron Sadow / Jin-Quan Yu / William Jones / Lisa Rosenberg / Jan-Uwe Rohde)
Green Energy Conversion
(Michael Reynolds / Theodore Agapie / Shunichi Fukuzumi)
Activation of Small Molecules
(Christine Thomas / Zeev Gross / Elon Ison / Louise Berben)
Advances in Kinetic Modeling
(G´bor Lente)
Metals in Biological Self-Assembly and Disease
(Michael Ashby / Akif Teczan / Mi Hee Lim)
Frontiers in Catalytic Bond Activation and Cleavage
(Tobin Marks)

3 Mar - 8 Mar 2013
United States of America
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