Polar Marine Science Linking Polar Observations, Processes and Models at Regional and Global Scales

Following the tradition of excellence of the Gordon Research Conference (GRC) Series, the 2013 GRC on Polar Marine Science "Linking polar observations, processes and models at regional and global scales" will bring together leading investigators in Arctic and Antarctic marine research to present and discuss cutting edge interdisciplinary polar science. The unique GRC format, with invited conferences followed by discussion periods and interactive poster sessions, provides an avenue for scientists from different disciplines to brainstorm and promotes cross-disciplinary collaborations in the various research areas represented. Aside from scientific excellence, creative and open scientific exchanges and an unparalleled learning platform are hallmarks of the Gordon Research Conference Series.

As dynamic and thermodynamic processes associated with warming trends are impacting sea ice cover, oceanographic processes and atmosphere-ocean interactions across polar regions at unprecedented rate, observations and models show fundamentally different regional ecosystem responses. The non-linear and multi-directional biogeochemical responses of polar systems to atmospheric and oceanographic forcings emphasize the need to consider and reconcile observations and models at global and regional scales. The 9th GRC on Polar Marine Science will discuss recent developments and challenges emerging from contemporary and paleo-climate observations and models, encompassing regional and global scales. The GRC addresses the structure, functionalities and controls of polar marine systems through topics such as sea ice biogeochemistry, atmosphere-ocean forcings and interactions, food web trophodynamics, carbon and elemental cycling and fluxes, and a spectrum of ecological processes and interactions.

The GRC on Polar Marine Science will be preceded by a Gordon Research Seminar (GRS) which provides a forum for graduate students and postdoctoral scientists to present their work, discuss cutting edge aspects of their research, and build collaborative relationships with their colleagues and established scientists, at a critical time in their careers. Financial support will be offered in priority to graduate students and postdoctoral fellows attending both the GRC and the preceding GRS.

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The Global Picture: Large-Scale Atmosphere-Ocean-Sea Ice Interactions
(James E. Overland / JinPing Zhao)
Linking Sea Ice-Ocean Observations and Models: Regional Couplings and Feedbacks
(David G. Barber / Peter Winsor / Sharon E. Stammerjohn / Wieslaw Maslowski)
From Within: Why Do Microscale Processes Matter
(Søren Rysgaard / Colin A. Stedmon / Nicole Jeffery)
Linking Bio-Physical Processes and Observations at Regional and Global Scales
(Jacqueline M. Grebmeier / Marit Reigstad / Eiji Watanabe / Jean-Éric Tremblay)
From the Top: The Role of Upper Trophic Predators in Polar Marine Ecosystems
(Nina J. Karnovsky / Sue E. Moore / Yutaka Watanuki)
Linking Ecological Responses and Models from Contemporary Observations
(Martin Vancoppenolle / Alexandre Forest / Hugh W. Ducklow / Ekaterina Popova)
Linking Environmental Changes and Models from Paleo and Recent Tracers
(Martin Jakobsson / Matt O’Regan / Zou Zou Kuzyk)
Biochemical Responses and Feedbacks to the Climate System
(Leif Anderson / Jeremy Mathis / Jacqueline Stefels / Bruno Dellile)
Changing Polar Marine Systems: Challenges, Opportunities and Future Outlook
(Kenneth F. Drinkwater / David G. Ainley)

10 Mar - 15 Mar 2013
United States of America
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