Cartilage Biology & Pathology Formation, Structure, Function, and Regeneration

The theme of the 2013 Gordon Research Conference on Cartilage Biology and Pathology is "Cartilage: Formation, Structure, Function, and Regeneration". As a premier scientific forum for the study of cartilage, the Conference will cover a wide range of topics to encompass basic to translational aspects of the biology and pathology of cartilage. These topics will include morphogenesis, development, evolutionary specification of cartilage types, cellular organization, production and assembly of extracellular matrix, biological and biomechanical functions, functional modeling, genetic basis of cartilage diseases, cellular and molecular mechanisms of degeneration, and therapeutic strategies to regenerate, repair and functionally restore damaged or diseased tissues. Special emphasis will be on the application of contemporary approaches to address epigenetic, molecular, cellular, and tissue biology of cartilage, including a session featuring new directions and technologies, and challenges and opportunities in cartilage research.

Within this context, the more general aims of this conference are:

To provide a forum to facilitate the development of new insights, interactions, collaborations, and research directions via in-depth discussion of the latest information in the field.
To encourage new investigators and advanced trainees to embrace the field of cartilage biology, not only through exposure to or dissemination of cutting-edge research, but also through collegial interactions with more senior colleagues in an environment that is conducive to formal and informal scientific discourse.

Discussion leaders and invited speakers, who will represent a variety of scientific disciplines, are encouraged to present cutting-edge science, and emphasize new data and concepts to stimulate intensive discussions among the participants. The Conference will provide opportunities for new investigators, postdoctoral trainees and graduate students to present their work in poster sessions and to exchange ideas with experienced investigators who are at the forefront in their fields. The programmed sessions will also include talks selected from submitted poster abstracts. The collegial atmosphere and opportunities for informal gatherings in the afternoons and evenings, a distinctive feature of Gordon Research Conferences, promote brainstorming around new and old scientific problems and set the stage for cross-disciplinary collaborations that will catalyze excellence in cartilage research.

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Cartilage Diseases
(Benjamin Alman / Matthew Warman / Tracy Ballock / Virginia Kraus)
Cellular Commitment and Developmental Modeling
(Henry Kronenberg / Denis Duboule / Elazar Zelzer / Andrew McMahon / Dagmar Iber)
Developmental Regulation
(Yingzi Yang / Andrew Lasser / Karen Lyons / David Clouthier)
Growth Plate and Endochondral Ossification
(Ernestina Schipani / Cornelia Farnum / Clifford Tabin / Christa Maes / Kay Grobe)
Cartilage and Associated Tissues
(Christine Hartmann / Brtian Harfe / Ronen Schweitzer / Stavros Thompoulos)
Function and Dysfunction
(Veronique Lefebvre / Robert Sah / Melissa Knothe-Tate / Rosa Serra / Amanda Fosang)
Degeneration and Regeneration
(Frank Beier / Wiltrud Richter / Martin Lotz / Lisa Fortier)
Cell-Based Therapies and Technologies
(Bjorn Olsen / Frank Luyten / Rita Kandel / Hongwei Ouyang / Noriyuki Tsumaki)
Special Lecture: Fossils, Anatomy and Genes
(Danny Chan / Neal Shubin)

7 Apr - 12 Apr 2013
Les Diablerets
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