Nanomedicine Venue

Experts postulate that the nanotoxicology industry will be worth over €15 billion by 2015 (Service). Due to major advances in science and engineering, the relatively young field of nanotechnology has been expanding significantly. Despite the exciting advancements in this discipline, which involves miniscule manufactured products 1 – 100nm in size, the field of nanotoxicology lags behind considerably. Many nanoparticles show signs of toxicity in cells and this can be caused by the inherent properties, size and surface charge of the particles. There is apprehension that these nanoobjects pose health risks and that there could be additional adverse effects on our society and economy. This conference will aim to provide a multidisciplinary approach to tackle the fundamental challenges in this speciality, innovative strategies for testing exposure, and techniques for improving the reliability and accuracy of results.
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Keynote speakers
Kattesh Katti
Director, Cancer Nanotechnology Platform, University of Missouri

Gunter Oberdorster
Professor, University of Rochester

11 Apr - 12 Apr 2013

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