ADME & Predictive Toxicology Congress

Our 2013 ADME & Predictive Toxicology Congress conference will to report on the vital role ADME and Predictive Toxicology play in aiding successful drug candidate identification and design. Ensuring drugs make it to the market quicker with higher hit rates and earlier indications of human toxicity issues is of the utmost importance and will be discussed at length here.

Our array of Keynote Speakers will give presentations on all areas of ADME/Tox backed up by a panel of expert speakers speaking on highly relevant and “hot” topics such as Pharmacogenomics and Drug Safety, Genotoxicity and Toxicokinetic Modeling and ADME Optimisation for Drug Design/Discovery

Running alongside the conference will be an exhibition covering the latest technological advances and associated services within these fields.
+ show speakers and program

Magnus Ingelman-Sundberg
Professor/Head, Karolinska Institutet

Urs Meyer
Emeritus Professor, Biozentrum/University of Basel

Bernard Testa
Emeritus Professor, University Hospital Centre Lausanne

Peter Theil
Head of Non-Clinical Development, UCB Pharma

11 Apr - 12 Apr 2013

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