Discovery Chemistry Congress

Previous problems with drug discovery led to considerable investment by the pharmaceutical industry into combinatorial and discovery chemistry. This conference will integrate the latest structural chemistry with innovative discovery-driven technologies. Taking place in Munich for the second year running, speakers will concentrate on the most important aspects of discovery stages for effective drug design and refinement. In the current economic climate there is increasing global competitiveness and financial pressure, therefore this conference aims to explore the options available to maximise the success of drug discovery and development. Our speakers have collaborated to provide four accessible tracts:

Fragment-based lead discovery
Targeting protein-protein interactions
Compound & sample management
Chemical biology
The tracks offered work synergistically to overcome the challenges of drug delivery in a completely new way. Select Biosciences hope to help delegates convert this expensive, challenging and inefficient process into a more accessible and affordable one.

+ show speakers and program
David Jones
Chair of Biomaterial Science and Director of Education, Queen's University of Belfast

Jennifer Laurence
Associate Professor, University of Kansas

Andrei Gartel
Associate Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago

Arthur Olson
Professor, The Scripps Research Institute

Mark Bradley
Professor/Principal Investigator, University of Edinburgh

19 Mar - 20 Mar 2013

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