Epithelial Differentiation & Keratinization New Frontiers and Therapeutics

For 2013, the Gordon Research Conference on Epithelial Differentiation and Keratinization will return to the beautiful hills of Tuscany, the site of a very successful previous Conference in this series. For the first time, the Conference will feature an associated Gordon Research Seminar, providing a wonderful opportunity for young scientists in this field to network and present their research to their peers, in addition to attending the main Conference.

The GRC on Epithelial Differentiation and Keratinization provides an open and exciting atmosphere for the exchange and dissemination of new research concepts and opportunities at the forefront of epithelial biology. The aims of the Conference are to discover and define the most important scientific problems in our field, further the development of young investigators, and introduce and incorporate new concepts and advances from other fields.

To accomplish these goals, our program for 2013 will focus on novel concepts of epithelial function. The meeting will begin with talks from three internationally renowned scientists working on sensory epithelia: Charles Zucker, David Ginty and David Julius. Subsequent sessions will focus on presentations from leading scientists and young investigators at the forefronts of investigation in: functions and regulation of epithelial stem cells and their applications in regenerative medicine; novel discoveries on the epithelial cytoskeleton, adhesion and polarity; exciting new research on skin and intestinal microbiota, epithelial barriers, inflammation and immune functions; development and evo-devo relationships of skin and pigmentary systems; mechanisms and therapies in epithelial cancer; novel regulatory mechanisms and investigational approaches in epithelial biology; and novel therapeutic approaches to epithelial disease.

Attending will be an outstanding cadre of interactive and dynamic speakers in these diverse areas, including basic researchers and clinicians, young and established scientists, and scientists from academia and industry. Also included will be an oral session comprised entirely of submitted abstracts to ensure that the program reflects exciting new topics emerging in the weeks preceding the Conference. The 2013 program will make this GRC the foremost conference on epithelial biology.

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Sensory Epithelia
(Ellen Lumpkin / Charles Zuker / David Ginty / David Julius)
Stem Cells and Regeneration
(Tudorita Tumbar / Elaine Fuchs / Fiona Watt / Pritinder Kaur / George Cotsarelis / Valerie Horsley / Bruce Morgan)
Epithelial Cytoskeleton, Adhesion and Polarity
(Danelle Devenport / Carien Niessen / Terry Lechler / Kathy Green / Pierre Coulombe)
Epithelial Barriers, Inflammation, Immune functions and the Microbiome
(Irwin McLean, Elizabeth Grice / Richard Flavell / Robert Knight / Julie Segre / Rafi Kopan / David Kelsell / Angela Christiano)
Development and Evo-Devo of Skin, Skin Appendages, and the Pigmentary System
(Radhika Atit / Greg Barsh / Cheng-Ming Chuong / Marja Mikkola)
Mechanisms in Epithelial Cancer
(Stuart Yuspa / Cedric Blanpain / Birgit Lane / Paul Khavari / Paolo Dotto / Anj Dlugosz / Tony Oro)
Issues Arising Session
(Tony Oro)
Novel Regulatory Mechanisms and Investigational Approaches
(Howard Chang / Rama Ranganathan / Salvador Aznar Benitah / Vladimir Botchkarev / Rui Yi / Valentina Greco / Howard Chang)
Novel Therapeutic Approaches
(Paul Khavari / Jakub Tolar / Dennis Roop / Peter Jackson / David Lane)

12 May - 17 May 2013
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