Investing in Peatlands - Demonstrating Success

This symposium will bring together experts from science, policy and practice from a wide range of backgrounds to highlight and debate the importance of peatlands from an ecological, social and economic perspective. Our current state of knowledge of peatlands and their ecosystem services will be reviewed and important knowledge gaps will be addressed in order to provide recommendations on how these can be filled. The symposium will assess socio-economic tools to embed peatland conservation in practice and policy, e.g. through payment for ecosystem services as well as novel partnership approaches between conservation, business and policy.

The symposium will be interdisciplinary with a strong focus on interaction of ecology and conservation science with socio-economics and policy. This will be reflected in the selection of keynote speakers and themes for the breakout sessions.
+ show speakers and program
09.30 - 13.00 Field trip, includes lunch
Llyn Peninsula (CCW)

13.00 - 18.00 Registration

13.30 Welcome and Introduction
Rob Stoneman, chair IUCN UK Peatland Programme

13.40 Peatlands in Wales delivering multiple benefits
Welsh Government

13.50 The UK's Peatlands in an international context

14.00 Welsh peatlands in a global context
Peter Jones, Countryside Council for Wales

14.20 IUCN UK Peatland Programme - Taking stock & moving forward
Clifton Bain, Aletta Bonn, Ian Crosher, Susan Davies, Pete Jones & Howard Platt
IUCN UK Peatland Programme, Natural England, Scottish Natural Heritage, Countryside Council for Wales, Department of Environment Northern Ireland

Restoration for biodiversity and ecosystem services

14.40 Peatlands across the world: a global asset
Prof Hans Joosten
University of Greifswald, Germany, secretary-general International Mire Conservation Group

15.10 Peatlands and carbon: science, policy and markets
John Couwenberg, Hans Joosten & Pete Smith
University of Greifswald, Germany, University of Aberdeen, UK

15.30 Peatland GHG budgets and effects of restoration - a UK perspective
Chris Evans, CEH Bangor, UK

15.50 Discussion & Outlook

16.00 - 16.30 Tea & coffee

16.30 Peatland restoration for biodiversity
Tatiana Minaeva et al
Ministry of Natural Resources of Russian Federation / Wetlands International Russia Programme, Moscow, Russia

16.50 Peatland restoration for water regulation
Prof Jonathan Price
University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

17.10 Peatland restoration for safeguarding knowledge archives
Ben Geary, Robert van de Noort & Ralph Fyfe
University of Birmingham, University of Exeter, University of Plymouth, UK

17.30 Peatlands and climate change
Angela Gallego-Sala, Dan Charman, Colin Prentice, Robert K Booth, Zicheng Yu & Sharon A Cowling
University of Bristol, UK, University of Lund, Sweden, University of Exeter, UK, Macquarie University, Australia, Lehigh University, USA, University of Toronto, Canada

17.50 - 18.00 Discussion & Outlook

18.30 - 19.30 Dinner

Open Event

20.00 Welcome
Welsh Government

20.10 Welcome lecture
Celebration of UK peatland restoration

21.00 Welcome Mixer & free drinks
IUCN UK PP patron address

Opportunity to look at exhibition

21.30 - late Bar

Wednesday 27 June
07.00 - 08.30 Breakfast

09.00 Introduction and review of day 1
Chair: Country Council for Wales

09.10 Partnerships make peatland action happen
Tim Thom, Paul Leadbitter, David Smith, Chris Dean, Norrie Russell, Justin Hanson et al
North Pennines AONB, Mires on the Moors, Moors for the Future, Flow Country RSPB project, Anglesey & Llyn LIFE project

Demonstrating success in peatland restoration: taking an ecosystem approach

09.40 Restoration of blanket bogs across the UK
Prof Joseph Holden et al
University of Leeds. UK

10.00 Restoration of blanket bogs in Wales - Lake Vyrnwy LIFE project & Migneint restoration
Trystan Edwards & Mike Morris
Food & Farming Advisor, National Trust Wales; RSPB

10.20 - 10.50 Tea & coffee

11.00 Restoration of fens - Anglesey and Llyn LIFE project & Kalkmoore Brandenburg LIFE project
Justin Hanson & Holger Roessling
Countryside Council for Wales, UK, Naturschutzfonds, Germany

11.20 Peatland restoration in Ireland - success and learning points
Catherine Farrell, Bord na Mona, Ireland

11.40 Restoration of peatlands after peat extraction
Prof Line Rochefort
University of Quebec, Canada

12.00 - 12.10 Discussion & Outlook

12.10 - 13.50 Buffet lunch and Poster Exhibition

13.50 Introduction
Stuart Brooks, chief executive, John Muir Trust, chair

13.55 Restoration of afforested peatlands - ecosystem service gains and losses
Russell Anderson, Harri Vasander, Neville Geddes, Anna Laine, Anne Tolvanen, Aileen O'Sullivan& Kaisu Aapala
Forest Research, UK, University of Helsinki, Finland, Forestry Commission, UK,University of Oulu, Finland, Coillte Teoranta, Ireland, Finnish Environment Institute, Finland

14.15 Restoration of high altitude peatlands in Tibet
Xiaohong Zhang, Martin Schumann, Yongheng Gao, Marc Foggin, Shengzhong Wang & Hans Joosten
Wetlands International China Programme, China, University of Greifswald, Germany, Institute of Mountain Hazards and Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China, Plateau Perspectives, Canada, Qinghai Normal University, China, Northeast Normal University, China

14.35 Restoration of South East Asian peatlands
Shashi Kumaran et al
Global Environment Centre, Indonesia

14.50 Tea & coffee

15.15 - 17.30

6 Parallel Sessions Interactive Sessions
Restoring blanket bog peatlands - evidence based conservation
Chair: Katherine Hearn, National Trust

Restoring fen peatlands - links with sustainable rural development
Chair: Pete Jones, Countryside Council for Wales

Restoring Asian peatlands - biofuels, wildfires and other threats
Chair: Sue Page, University of Leicester

Can the Water Framework Directive be a driver for peatland restoration?
Chair: Harriet Orr, Environment Agency

Restoration for carbon benefits: science, policy and markets
Chair: Mark Reed, University of Aberdeen

Connecting with people - Raising awareness of the importance of peatlands
Chair: Pat Thompson, Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

17.30 - 18.00 Plenum Summary

19.00 - 21.00 Conference dinner
21.00 - 24.00 Twmpath (barn dance)

23.00 - late Bar

Thursday 28 June
07.00 - 08.30 Breakfast

09.00 Introduction and review of day 2
Chris Mills, Director of Environment Agency Wales, chair

09.10 Financing peatland restoration across Europe - Success, lessons learnt and way forward
Angelo Salsi, Head of LIFE Nature Unit, DG Environment, European Commission

Policy and business solutions for peatland restoration

09.30 European strategies for biodiversity conservation and integration into agricultural policy
David Baldock, Director, Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP)

09.50 UK Agri-environment schemes accounting for peatland biodiversity and carbon
James Skates, Welsh Government

10.10 Peatland catchment management for drinking water provision
Philippa Pearson, Welsh Water

10.30 - 11.00 Tea & coffee

11.00 Valuing Peatlands - advances in carbon financing for peatlands
Mark Reed, Aletta Bonn, Klaus Glenk, Chris Evans & Clifton Bain
University of Aberdeen, IUCN UK Peatland Programme, SAC Edinburgh, CEH Bangor

11.20 Integration of peatland science into policy
Peter Costigan, Science Co-ordinator, Environment and Rural Group, Defra

11.40 Plenum Summary
Rob Stoneman, chair IUCN UK Peatland Programme

12.10 Farewell

12.15 Field trips, cost includes lunch (onsite burger van/packed lunch)
LIFE project Anglesey choice 1 (CCW)
LIFE project Anglesey choice 2 (CCW)
CEH/ NT/ RSPB Migneint sites (CEH, NT, RSPB)

15.45 Arrive back in Bangor in time to catch 16.02 train

26 Jun - 28 Jun 2012
United Kingdom
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