Dendrites: Molecules, Structure & Function

Dendrites play a central role in neuronal information processing by integrating thousands of synaptic inputs to generate a meaningful action potential output. Recent advances in molecular, electrophysiological and in vivo imaging techniques have led to a rapid enhancement in our understanding of the mechanisms that shape dendritic structure, function and connectivity. Such multifaceted approaches have further demonstrated the extent to which dendrite structure and function may undergo plastic changes that contribute to development, learning and neurodegenerative disease. This Gordon conference will bring together researchers whose latest findings help clarify how the molecular and cellular properties of dendrites enable them to perform complex computations important for sensory processing and higher cognitive function. The conference will be of interest to researchers and students in neuroscience, as well as to anyone interested in normal and abnormal brain function.
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Keynote Presentation: Sensory Stimulus Representation in Cortical Dendrites by Specific and Shared Synaptic Inputs
(Steve Siegelbaum, Rachel Wong / Bert Sakmann)
Trafficking of Channels, Receptors and mRNA
(Anirvan Ghosh / Mike Ehlers / Linda Van Aelst / Cori Bargmann / Erin Schumann / short talks)
Synaptic Organization
(Jackie Schiller / Yuji Ikegaya / Alex Reyes / Adam Carter / short talks)
Ion Channels and the Regulation of Dendritic Function
(Jeff Magee / John Adelman / Jackie Schiller / Dan Johnston / short talks)
Dendritic Spines as Sites of Plasticity and Integration
(Erin Schuman / Ryohei Yasuda / Rich Mooney / Judit Makara / short talks)
Dendritic Integration of Inhibition
(Holly Cline / Attila Losonczy / Angus Silver / Matthew Larkum / Elly Nedivi / short talks)
Signaling from Nucleus to Dendrites and Back
(Mike Ehlers / Wolfgang Enard / Hilmar Bading / Eric Huang / short talks)
Dendritic Control of Sensory Processing
(Dan Johnston / Florian Engert / Mike Stryker / Yuh-Nung Jan / Randy Bruno / short talks)
Learning, Memory and Dendritic Plasticity
(Greg Stuart / Yi Zuo / J├╝rgen Gotz / short talks)

19 May - 24 May 2013
Les Diablerets
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