Chromosome Dynamics

The biannual Chromosome Dynamics Gordon Conference covers a broad range of topics at the forefront of current research into chromosome biology. The architecture, replication, repair and segregation of chromosomes is discussed at levels from the biophysical properties of single molecules to genome-wide approaches probing genome evolution. This GRC evolved since the 1980s to its current scope that covers all realms of life, prokaryotic, archaeal and eukaryotic.

Unlike many excellent specialty meetings where experts in DNA metabolism, cell cycle progression, or chromatin and gene expression delve into the intricacies oftheir fields, the Chromosome Dynamics GRC takes a different approach. It brings together participants with very different background and methodologies who, while presenting cutting-edge work in their respective fields, recognize the interrelatedness of seemingly distant approaches to the common goal of understanding the mechanisms that shape genomes. Lively crosstalk between researchers from these diverse disciplines makes this a favorite conference for many participants.
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Keynote Presentations: Chromosome Dynamics
Views of Chromosomes
(James Berger / Barbara Funnell / Steve Harrison / Karl-Peter Hopfner / Bas van Steensel)
Chromosome Interactions
(Abby Dernburg / Yasushi Hiraoka / Nancy Kleckner)
Genome Structure and Evolution
(David Sherratt / Suart Austin / Jef Boeke / Peter Fraser / Nick Luscombe)
Chromosome Architecture
(John Marko / Olivier Espeli / Edith Heard)
Chromosome Replication
(Sue Lovett / John Diffley / Pat Higgins / Kirsten Skarstad / Iestyn Whitehouse)
Chromosome Repair and Recombination
(Scott Keeney / Graham Walker)
Chromosome Segregation
(Rebecca Heald / Daniela Barilla / Jeff Errington / Tatsuya Hirano / Jan Loewe)
Centromeres and Telomeres
(Julie Cooper / Aaron Straight / Ginger Zakian)

26 May - 31 May 2013
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