PCDI Postdoc Retreat 2012 (Life Sciences): Your PhD as a stepping stone to success!

The PCDI Postdoc Retreat is a 3-day course for early career researchers focused on personal, professional and career development and is organized twice a year. The edition of 28 - 30 March 2012 is specifically targeting postdocs and final year PhD students in the Life Sciences. What your PhD is worth in today's world of sciences? Develop a helicopter view on science and society and learn to look over boundaries, Find out what are your assets, Learn new/improve your transferable skills No matter how talented or passionate you are about science, positions in academia are scarce and the field is highly competitive. At the PCDI Postdoc Retreat you'll hear what you can do to increase your chances for success in academia. You will see that it involves more than your publication record and winning grants alone! Aiming for a career outside academia? At the retreat you will find out what other career opportunities are out there: industry, private/public partnerships, non-profit organizations and more. Find out your hidden skills but also skill gaps where you still have to work on to be better prepared for the next step of your career. Discover together with 100 other postdocs and final year PhD students, what your career options are, what is important to you as regard to choosing your career and how to take charge of your future. Next to inspiring keynote lectures by successful PhDs in Life Sciences who followed different career paths, you will attend 3 training workshops to: Discover your talents Better present yourself Enhance your transferable skills Discuss with key persons in the Life Sciences and society at our forum about your position as a young scientist. What role do you fulfill, what are the expectations from society and are you fully aware of your potentials? In order to give you a kick-start in career orientation, we invite dozens of PhDs to share their experience of a career switch and insights in their current position in academia, industry or other organization with you.
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Jan Hoeijmakers Esther Lutgens Cindy Gerhardt Henk Jalink / Jan Meiling Dieuwke Engelsma Jacqueline Kruse Peter Peters Louise Gunning Ton Rijnders Hans Hofstraat

28 Mar - 30 Mar 2012
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