Workshop on Leadership in Bioscience

This is a highly interactive 3.5 day workshop in which you will learn and develop the skills to lead and interact effectively with others in both one on one and group settings. The workshop will focus on techniques, situations and challenges that relate specifically to leading and managing in the scientific workplace.

The workshop will emphasize learning by doing and will involve role playing, giving and receiving feedback and group problem solving. Much of the learning will be peer-to peer. Participants will be expected to discuss their own experiences and to be interested in and helpful to others as they discuss theirs.

The workshop will help participants identify areas where they need guidance and growth, as well as how to capitalize on areas of strength. Participants will have the opportunity to share their experiences and challenges with others and to receive feedback and guidance from others with experience in leading scientists in a variety of settings. At the end of the course, participants will be linked through a unique on-line community in which they can continue learning from one another and from the course instructors.

Key focus areas of the workshop will include:

• Recognizing and understanding leadership in a science setting
• Using negotiation as a tool in scientific discussions and problem solving
• Identifying and resolving conflicts in the lab
• Dealing with difficult people and situations
• Communicating your ideas and plans in a way that engages others
• Leading effective and productive meetings
• Becoming effective citizen scientists

Target audience: The workshop is targeted to life scientists making, or recently having made, the transition to leadership or managerial positions. Many of the situations discussed will be from the perspective of an independent investigator running his/her own laboratory. As such, relatively new investigators (e.g., < 3 years) are particularly encouraged to apply, as are senior postdoctoral scholars on the cusp of tenure-track research positions.
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22 Feb - 25 Feb 2013
Cold Spring Harbor
United States of America
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