DROSOPHILA Neurobiology: Genes, Circuits & behavior

This laboratory/lecture course is intended for researchers at all levels from beginning graduate students through established primary investigators who want to use Drosophila as an experimental system for nervous system investigation. The two and a half-week course is designed to introduce students to a wide variety of topics and techniques, including the latest approaches to study nervous system development, connectivity and activity. Daily research seminars present comprehensive overviews of specific subfields of nervous system function or focus on specific techniques and approaches to study fly neurobiology. Expert guest lecturers discuss their findings and approaches, and bring along their own assays and techniques for students to learn in the laboratory part of the course. The hands-on portion of the course is centered around student-led projects, where gene mutants are discovered and analyzed throughout the course utilizing the different morphological and physiological measurements and behavioral paradigms at hand. This includes electrophysiological and in vivo calcium recordings, anatomical examination and circuit mapping, as well as numerous quantitative behavioral measures. Collectively, the course will provide a comprehensive and practical introduction to modern experimental methods for studying the Drosophila nervous system.
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Gregory Macleod, University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio
Kate O'Connor-Giles, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Adrian Rothenfluh, UT Southwesterm Medical School

Last year's lecturers included:
Ravi Allada, Northwestern University
Sarah Certel, University of Montana
Richard Daniels, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Josh Dubnau, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Edward Kravitz, Harvard Medical School
Chi-Hon Lee, NIH/NICHD
Edwin Levitan, University of Pittsburgh
Claire McKellar, HHMI/Janelia Farm Research Campus
Stefan Pulver, HMI/Janelia Farm Research Campus
Noreen Reist, Colorado State University
Melissa Rolls, Penn State University
Vanessa Ruta, The Rockefeller University
Julie Simpson, HHMI/Janelia Farm Research Campus
Glenn Turner, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Motojiro Yoshihara UMass Medical School

28 May - 16 Jun 2013
Cold Spring Harbor
United States of America
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