Antibody engeneering & phage display

Recent advances in the generation and selection of antibodies from combinatorial libraries allow for the rapid production of antibodies from immune and non-immune sources. This intensive laboratory/lecture course will focus on the construction of combinatorial antibody libraries expressed on the surface of phage and selection of desired antibodies from the library. Students will learn the theoretical and practical aspects of constructing combinatorial libraries from immune and non-immune sources as well as the construction of synthetic antibody libraries. Antibodies will be selected from the library by panning. Production, purification and characterization of Fab fragments expressed in E.coli will also be covered. Epitopes will be selected from peptide libraries and characterized.

The lecture series, presented by a number of invited speakers, will emphasize PCR of immunoglobulin genes, the biology of filamentous phage and the utility of surface expression libraries, expression of antibodies in E.coli and mammalian cells, antibody structure and function, catalytic antibodies, directed protein evolution, retroviral and cell display libraries, the immunobiology of the antibody response, and recent results on the use of antibodies in therapy.The theory and practical implications for selection from phage displayed libraries of random peptides, cDNA products and semi-synthetic proteins will also be explored.
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Carlos Barbas, Scripps Research Institute
Don Siegel, University of Pennsylvania Medical Center
Gregg Silverman, New York University School of Medicine

16 Oct - 29 Oct 2013
Cold Spring Harbor
United States of America
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