Neurobiology of DROSOPHILA

The goals of this conference are to provide a forum for the presentation of late breaking advances in Drosophila neurobiology, to exchange ideas and techniques, to stimulate future research and collaborations, and to recognize and encourage younger investigators and women working in this field. We strongly encourage all participants to submit an abstract(s) of your their most recent work for consideration as an oral or poster presentation. In the event of the meeting being oversubscribed, preference to attend will go to those submitting abstracts. The organizers will endeavor to accept for participation at least one representative of every applicant laboratory either engaged in or about to embark on Drosophila neurobiological research. We particularly encourage active participation by younger investigators and minority scientists.

Sessions Include:
Sensory Systems
Behavior, Brain Function & its Evolution
Neurological Disease Models & Cellular Mechanisms
Neural Circuits - Development, Evolution & Function
Synaptic Transmission, Development & Plasticity
Neural Development & Evolution
Technological Innovations & Applications
+ show speakers and program
Thomas Clandinin, Stanford University
Linda Restifo, University of Arizona

Speakers: To be anounced

1 Oct - 5 Oct 2013

Cold Spring Harbor
United States of America
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