Personal Genomes & Medical Genomics

As genome sequencing becomes routine, the availability of individualized genetic/genomic information is changing and challenging the practice of medicine. Stratification of common diseases based on the individual's genetics is increasingly possible, as is the best choice of pharmacological agent to be deployed to combat that disease. At the same time, personal genome sequencing generates large amounts of data that will need to be integrated into medical decision making. This conference will explore the current state of individual genomics at the level of the underlying genome biology and its application in pharmacology and medicine. The conference will also showcase other areas (eg. ancestry) where the ready availability of personal genetic information represents a powerful new resource for analysis and understanding.

Tentative Topics & Invited Speakers (tba)
Genomics to Guide Differential Diagnosis & Therapy

Somatic Cell Genomics & Cancer Pharmacogenomics

Germline Genomics, Mendelizing Traits & Locus Heterogeneity

Genomic Variation in Common Traits/Disease

Clinical Integration of Genomic Variation

Evolving Genomic Technologies
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13 Nov - 16 Nov 2013

Cold Spring Harbor
United States of America
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