Biodiversity Research in Indonesia – Marrying Science with Conservation

The Orangutan Tropical Peatland Project works to protect one of the most important areas of tropical peat-swamp rainforest in Borneo—the Sabangau Forest in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia. We monitor the distribution, population status, behaviour and ecology of the forest's flagship primate and felid species, carry out biodiversity and forestry research, and work with local partners to implement conservation solutions. Peat-swamp forest (PSF) is a complex ecosystem supporting a specialised subset of flora and fauna and is of major conservation importance for its high biodiversity, carbon storage and natural resource functions. Dr Cheyne will discuss how OuTrop, through rigorous science and active conservation, is learning more about this complex ecosystem, its processes, fauna and flora and how best to protect and conserve this unique habitat.

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Dr Susan Cheyne of the Orangutan Tropical Peatland Project

13 Nov - 23 Nov 2012

United Kingdom
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