Signaling by Adhesion Receptors

The 2012 Signaling by Adhesion Receptors Gordon Conference will cover recent research on mechanisms and consequences of signal transduction by cell-matrix and cell-cell adhesion receptors. The goal is to integrate and extend current knowledge about the structure and biochemistry, cell biology, and whole organism biology of integrins, cadherins and other adhesion receptors. Topics will include signaling to growth, survival and cytoskeletal pathways; mechanotransduction; novel signaling pathways; and system biology approaches. The program is designed to encourage integration of these different areas with the goal of promoting major new cross-disciplinary insights. Training of junior scientists is a key goal of the meeting and the program has multiple opportunities for junior scientists to present their work and engage colleagues. There will be three poster sessions and substantial time is reserved in the main sessions for short talks to be chosen from submitted abstracts. Additionally, the GRC is preceded by a Gordon Research Seminar entitled Frontiers in Cell Adhesion and Signaling. This conference is organized by the trainees and provides a two-day program exclusively for student and postdoctoral trainees. An important aspect of the GRC program is that all meals are taken together and substantial unscheduled time is provided to further promote interaction and collaboration between the various fields represented at the meeting. The entire program is therefore designed to provide extraordinary opportunities for learning and for developing relationships and collaborations.
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Keynote Presentation
(Mina Bissell)
Integrin Signaling to the Cytoskeleton and Cell Migration
(Gaudenz Danuser / David Calderwood / Mark Ginsberg)
Cadherin Signaling to the Cytoskeleton
(James Nelson / Alpha Yap / Karl Matter)
Cadherin Signaling in Growth and Differentiation
(Elaine Fuchs / Denise Montell / Dietmar Vestweber)
Integrin Signaling in Growth, Differentiation and Survival
(Valerie Weaver / Eun-Gook Kim / Lester Lau)
Mechanotransduction by Cell Adhesion Receptors
(Clare Waterman / Michael Sheetz / Johan de Rooij)
Signaling by Other Adhesion Receptors
(Michael Simons / Eleni Tzima / Erik Sahai)
The Hippo/YAP Pathway
(Barry Gumbiner / Jeff Wrana / Stephan Piccolo)
Systems Biology Approaches to Adhesion Receptor Biology
(Martin Humphries / Alexander Bershadsky / Joan Brugge)

24 Jun - 29 Jun 2012
United States of America
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