Cancer Genomics

Cancer Genetics
Functional Genomics & Epigenomics of Cancer
Systems Biology & Integrated Analyses of Cancer
Cancer Model Systems & Systems Pharmacology
Translation & Clinical Impact of Cancer Genomics

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Keynote Speakers
Elias Campo, Hospital Clinic, University of Barcelona, Spain
Andy Futreal, MD Anderson Cancer Center, USA
Nazneen Rahman, The Institute of Cancer Research, United Kingdom

Confirmed Speakers
Ido Amit, Weizman Institute, Israel
Sam Apricio, B.C. Cancer Agency, Canada
Andrea Califano, Columbia University, USA
Stephen Chanock, National Cancer Institute, USA
Ivo Gut, National Genome Analysis Centre, Spain
Peter Lichter, German Cancer Research Center, Germany
Elaine Mardis, The Genome Institute at Washington University, USA
Ultan McDermott, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, United Kingdom
Katarina Politi, Yale University, USA
Yijun Ruan, Genome Institute of Singapore, Singapore
Reiner Siebert, Kiel University, Germany
Jessica Zucman-Rossi, Inserm U674, France

7 Nov - 5 Nov 2013

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