Biomembranes: Molecular Architecture, Dynamics and Function

The course features lectures, tutorials, poster sessions and workshops on various aspects of membranology such as: membrane lipid metabolism, transport and function; membrane protein synthesis, folding and targeting, transmembrane transport etc., both in bacteria and in eukaryotic cells.
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Lecturers include:
Vytas Bankaitis (Chapel Hill, US)
Giovanna Chimini (Marseille, FR)
Ulrich Hartl (Martinsried, DE)
Manajit Hayer-Hartl (Martinsried, DE)
Tom Kirchhausen (Boston, US)
Janet Shaw (Salt Lake City, US)
Patricia Bassereau (Paris, FR)
Eefjan Breukink (Utrecht, NL)
Joost Holthuis (Osnabrueck, DE)
Gerrit van Meer (Utrecht, NL)
Tom Rapoport (Harvard, US)
William Wickner (Dartmouth, US)
EMBO plenary lecture: Peter Walter (San Francisco, US)
EMBO Science &Society Lecture: Jeff Errington (Newcastle, UK)
EMBO Women in Science Lecture: Maya Schuldiner (Rehovot, IL)

10 Jun - 20 Jun 2012
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