Visualizing Biological Data (VIZBI) 2013

Visualisation is increasingly important in life science as data grows rapidly in volume and complexity. The VIZBI initiative is an international conference series bringing together researchers developing and using computational visualisation to address a broad range of biological research areas; the conference also attracts participation from medical illustrators, graphic designers, and graphic artists. VIZBI is held annually in March, alternating between Europe and the USA.
+ show speakers and program
Felice Frankel, MIT, USA: Communicating Science Visually (Keynote)
Martin Krzywinski, BCGSC, Canada: Visual Design Principles (Keynote)

Session 1: Beyond Genome Browsers
Alex Meissner, Harvard U., USA: Visualization of Epigenetic Data
Ting Wang, Washington U., USA: Epigenome Browsers
W. Jim Zheng, MUSC, USA: Browsing 3D Genomes

Session 2: Visualizing Transcript Data
Paul P. Gardner, U. Canterbury, New Zealand: RNA Structures & Alignments
John Mattick, Garvan Inst., Australia: Non-coding RNA
Cole Trapnell, Broad Inst., USA: RNA Seq

Session 3: Visualizing Proteins & Complexes
Seán O'Donoghue, CSIRO & Garvan Inst., Australia: Structures & Features
Thomas E. Ferrin, UCSF, USA: Comparison & Assemblies

Session 4: Visualizing Cellular Systems
Martin Lee Miller, MSKCC, USA: Proteomics Data
Scooter Morris, UCSF, USA: Biological Pathways

Session 5: Visualizing Organism Data
Mark Henkelman, SickKids & U. Toronto, Canada: Genes & Geometry
Steve Pieper, Harvard U. & Isomics Ltd., USA: Physiology & Function

Session 6: Alignments & Phylogenetics
Bruno Sobral, Virginia Tech, USA: Comparative Sequence Data
Susannah G. Tringe, DOE JGI, USA: Metagenomics
Daniel Janies, UNC Charlotte, USA: Emergent Infectious Diseases

Tutorials (March 19, 2012):
Jim Robinson, Broad Inst., USA: IGV - Integrated Genome Viewer
Zach Leber, Broad Inst., USA: Tableau
Andrew Tang, Cell Press, USA: Illustrator
Francis Rowland, EMBL-EBI, UK: User Experience Design
Michael Reich: Broad Inst., USA: Galaxy / Genome Space
Nicola Stransky: BioVis using R

20 Mar - 22 Mar 2013
Cambridge, MA
United States of America
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