The goal of the 2012 Gordon Research Conference on Proteoglycans will be to bring together leading national and international scientists to present their latest findings in proteoglycan research. Topics that will be discussed include mechanisms regulating the biosynthesis of the proteoglycans as well as their turnover. The role of proteoglycans in development, skeletal pathology, cancer, stem cells, regenerative medicine, inflammation and cardiovascular disease, and diseases of the nervous system will also be addressed. Recent progress within these areas will pay particular attention to proteoglycan structure, analysis and glycomics. Emphasis will be given to new insights into basic molecular mechanisms and to translational efforts designed to understand the role of proteoglycans in human disease as well as their use in prevention and novel therapeutics.
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Late Breaking Science
(Jerry Turnbull, Renato Iozzo)
Biosynthesis and Catabolism
(Lena Kjellén, Marion Kusche-Gullberg / Jian Liu / Hinke Multhaupt)
Developmental Biology
(Joe Yost, Hiroshi Nakato / Christine B. Kern)
(Barbara Mulloy, Joseph Zaia / Jon Amster / Cindy Larive)
Signaling and the Interactome
(Pascal Zimmerman, David Fernig / Alan Rapraeger / A. Radu Aricescu)
(Ralph Sanderson, Alan Rapraeger / Nikos Karamanos / Steve Pals)
Neural, Muscular and Skeletal Diseases
(Yu Yamaguchi, Dick Heinegard / James Fawcett)
Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine
(Lola Reid, Jennifer Elisseeff / Cathy Merry / Xingbin Ai)
Cardiovascular and Inflammation
(Nick Shworak, Pyong Park / Paul Noble / Renato Iozzo)

9 Jul - 13 Jul 2012
United States of America
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