Practical Course in Advanced Optical Microscopy

An EMBO course about optical microscopy that will cover the following topics:

Developmental Biology
Experiments with confocal imaging
CCD imaging and deconvolution, microinjection, genetically encoded probes, gene gun.

Cell Physiology
Confocal imaging with electrophysiology
CCD imaging with electrophysiology
Photolysis and photometry
Total internal reflection fluorescence imaging
Laser traps
Marine bioluminescence

Special demonstrations and hands-on exercises
•Multi-photon and confocal imaging
•Quantitative interference microscopy
•Use of an optical bench for basic experiments on scanning and apertures
•Spectroscopy and filters
•Abbe’s experiments on the role of diffraction in microscope image formation with absorption and phase objects.

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3 Apr - 13 Apr 2013
United Kingdom
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