Non-coding RNA, epigenetics and transgenerational inheritance

Epigenetic information can be maintained after cell division, can spread between cells and can even pass through the germ line from one generation to the next. This meeting will focus on our current understanding of the mechanisms of establishing, communicating and maintaining epigenetic information. We will discuss the roles of DNA methylation, chromatin marks, piRNAs, lincRNAs etc. This meeting covers yeast, plants, invertebrates and vertebrates including humans. Join us to discuss the current state of this emerging field.

* transgenerational epigenetics
* environmental RNAi
* mobile RNA
* piRNA
* non-coding RNA
* chromatin
* DNA methylation
+ show speakers and program
Alexei Aravin (Caltech, US)
David Baulcombe (University of Cambridge, UK)
Marc Buehler (FMI Basel, Switzerland)
Anne Ferguson-Smith (University of Cambridge, UK)
Scott Kennedy (University of Madison, US)
Rene Ketting (Hubrecht University, Netherlands)
Eric Miska (University of Cambridge, UK)
Donal O'Carroll (EMBL Monterotondo, Italy)
Ramesh Pillai (EMBL Grenoble, France)
Oliver Rando (University of Massachusetts, US)
Oded Rechavi (Telaviv University, Israel)
John Rinn (Broad Institute, US)
St├ęphane Ronsseray (CNRS, France)

11 Apr - 12 Apr 2013
United Kingdom
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