• Evolutionary origins and fetal programming of obesity
• Genetic determinants of obesity
• Role of adipose tissue in metabolic health
• Brain circuitry underlying energy balance
• Gastrointestinal peptides influencing hunger and satiety
• Metabolic disease treatment: 2013 and beyond
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Confirmed speakers
Keynote speakers
Steve O'Rahilly (University of Cambridge, UK)

Genetic influences on human obesity and related metabolic disease

Steve Bloom (Imperial College London, UK)

Invited speakers
Matthias Blüher (University of Leipzig, Germany)

Adipose tissue dysfunction in obesity

Sebastien Bouret (University of Southern California, US)

Early life origins of obesity: role of hypothalamic programming

Jens Brüning (University of Cologne, Germany)


Tony Coll (University of Cambridge, UK)

Melanocortins - why they still matter

Michael Cowley (Monash University, Australia)

Pharmacological treatment of obesity: past, present and future

Sabrina Diano (Yale University, US)


Kevin Grove (Oregon Health & Science University, US)

Programming metabolic and psychiatric diseases: impact of poor maternal diet and health

Tamas Horvath (Yale School of Medicine, US)

Hunger and it's hypothalamic neuronal substrate drives life

Julian Mercer (University of Aberdeen, UK)

Food for the future

Martin Myers (University of Michigan, US)

The road less travelled: Leptin action off the beaten path

Frank Reimann (University of Cambridge, UK)

Hormone secretion from intestinal L-cells regulating glucose homeostasis and appetite

Justin Rochford (University of Cambridge, UK)

Investigating the roles of seipin, a critical regulator of human fat development

John Speakman (University of Aberdeen, UK)

The evolutionary background to the modern obesity epidemic

Giles Yeo (University of Cambridge, UK)

A role for FTO in nutrient sensing

14 Apr - 16 Apr 2013
United Kingdom
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