Allergy and Asthma

- Innate immune cells in asthma
- Epithelial biology and asthma
- Understanding adaptive immunity in asthma
- Environment and asthma
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Confirmed speakers
David Artis (University of Pennsylvania, US)
Regulation of type 2 inflammation

Guy Brusselle (University Hospital Ghent, Belgium)
Environmental pollutants, allergy and asthma

John Fahy (University of California, San Francisco, US)
Conceptualizing asthma as a core disease modified by heterogeneous types of airway inflammation

Padraic Fallon (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland)
Innate allergic mechanisms in chronic pulmonary fibrosis

Stephen Galli (Stanford University, US)
Figuring out the roles of mast cells in asthma

Hammida Hammad (VIB and Ghent University, Belgium)
Innate immune functions of airway epithelial cells

Irene Heijink (University of Groningen, The Netherlands)
Allergenicity and the airway epithelial barrier

Valerie Julia (Université de Nice-Sophia Antipolis, France)
CX3CR1+ CD4+ T cells: new players in allergic diseases

Darryl Knight (University of British Columbia, Canada)
The epithelium in asthma: Should it just grow up or is it mature enough?

Bart Lambrecht (VIB and Ghent University, Belgium)
Dendritic cell subsets in asthma

Jeroen Raes (VIB and University of Brussels, Belgium)

Carla Ribeiro (University of North Carolina, US)
Role of the ER stress transducer IRE1ß in airway epithelial mucin production

Roberto Solari (Imperial College London, UK)
Exploring the mechanisms of viral induced asthma exacerbations

David Voehringer (University of Erlangen, Germany)
Basophils in allergic reactions and protective immunity

Lawren Wu (Genentech, US)
IgE production in asthma: from mice to the clinic

Stephen Ziegler (Benaroya Research Institute, US)
Epithelial cytokines and the regulation of allergic inflammation

23 May - 24 May 2013
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