Optimizing Protein Expression -- Enhancing Expression Systems

The “Optimizing Protein Expression” meeting explores the challenges of expressing proteins in high-demand, industrial settings to efficiently reach product goals. Along with case studies, the meeting will address the underlying mechanisms and insights into the varying expression systems in order to enhance protein expression. Featuring a special regulatory highlight, this meeting also explores CHO cell expression and comparing/contrasting expression systems. E.coli and baculovirus expression will also be discussed.
Learn the latest protocols and see how protein science leaders are enhancing expression systems to reach greater productivity.

• Expression systems:
o CHO cells
o Escherichia coli
o Saccharomyces cerevisiae
o Pichia pastoris
o Baculovirus
o Algae
• Mechanisms/properties of different expression systems
• Compare/contrast different mammalian systems
• Recombinant proteins
• Tags
• Genetic engineering technologies
• Process & Product Development
• Fast & efficient production
• Expression conditions
• High throughput
• Quality & Productivity
• Case Studies

+ show speakers and program

Opening Keynote Presentation:
Protein Expression: Past Achievements and Future Prospects
John Birch, Ph.D., Consultant, Henley-on-Thames (former CSO of Lonza Biopharmaceuticals)

Featured Presentation:
Regulatory Expectations for Expression Systems for Manufacturing Therapeutic Proteins
Baolin Zhang, Ph.D., Senior Investigator & Drug Quality Reviewer, Division of Therapeutic Proteins,
Office of Biotechnology Products, Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER), Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Featured Presentation:
Developing and Regulating Bioengineered Therapeutic Proteins: Synonymous Mutations Might Matter
Chava Kimchi-Sarfaty, Ph.D., Principal Investigator, Senior Staff Fellow, Hematology, Center for Biologics, Evaluation and Research (CBER) Food and Drug Administration (FDA)


Comparing Host Systems for Heterologous Protein Expression: Predicting a Likely Best Choice or Testing in Parallel
Dominic Esposito, Ph.D., Director, Protein Expression Lab, Advanced Technology Program Directorate, SAIC Frederick

Expression Optimization Strategy Guided by Russell Body-Inducing Propensity of Individual IgG Clones Haruki Hasegawa, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, Protein Science, Amgen, Inc.


Early Prediction of Instability of CHO Cell Lines
Subinay Ganguly, Ph.D., Scientific Director, CMC Team Lead, Centyrex, Janssen R&D, Johnson & Johnson

Albumin 3'Untranslated Region Facilitates Increased Recombinant Protein Production from Chinese Hamster Ovary Cells
John E. Hesketh, Ph.D., Professor, Mammalian Molecular Biology, Institute for Cell and Molecular Biosciences, University of Newcastle Medical School


E. coli-Based Recombinant Protein Production – A Phasing-Out Technology or Still on the Pulse of Time?
Gerald Striedner, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Biotechnology, University of Life Sciences and Natural Resources, Vienna

Escherichia coli Expression System for Recombinant Protein Production
Francis Rajamohan, Ph.D., Senior Principal Scientist, Exploratory Medicinal Sciences, Pfizer, Inc.

Optimizing Heterologous Protein Production in the Periplasm of E. coli
Jan-Willem de Gier, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Center for Biomembrane Research, Stockholm University, and Chief Scientific Officer, Xbrane Bioscience AB

Baculovirus & Recombinant Vaccine Expression Challenges

Expression of Human Major Vault Protein in Whole Insects Using Baculovirus:
Formulation of a Vault-CCL21 Nanocapsule as a Lung Cancer Treatment
George W. Buchman, Ph.D., Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer, Chesapeake PERL, Inc.

Tackling Recombinant Vaccine Expression Challenges: Screening and Optimization of Platforms
Shyamsundar Subramanian, Ph.D., Principal Scientist and Head, Expression Systems Group, Vaccine R&D, Merck & Co.


Enhancing Protein Secretion
Tsafi Danieli, Ph.D., Head, Protein Expression Facility, Structural Biology, Hebrew University

Increasing Control and Flexibility for Development and Manufacturing Processes
Sebastien Ribault, Ph.D., Director, Development and BioProduction, Merck Biodevelopment

1 May - 2 May 2013

United States of America
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