Protein Cofactors, Radicals & Quinones

Many enzyme-catalyzed reactions are now known to require the assistance of complex cofactors that incorporate redox-active metal centers and organic molecules, including in many instances cofactors generated by post-translational modification of amino acid residues on the enzyme itself. The 2012 Protein Cofactors, Radicals, and Quinones Gordon Research Conference will bring together scientists who study the biogenesis and assembly of these complex cofactors, as well as the mechanisms of the catalytic chemistry carried out by these cofactors in the functioning enzymes. The conference will include reports of new research on aerobic and anaerobic radical enzymes, enzymes that utilize quinones and other cofactors derived via oxidation and crosslinking of amino acid residues, and the role of metal ions in both cofactor biogenesis and catalysis. This conference will bring together researchers from diverse disciplines including mechanistic enzymology, bioinorganic chemistry, bioorganic chemistry, spectroscopy, computational chemistry, and structural biology.

An important part of this Gordon Conference is the poster sessions, which provide opportunities to present and informally discuss your most recent results. All conferees are encouraged to participate by presenting a poster; several speakers will be invited to present short talks based on the submitted poster abstracts.

This Gordon Conference has a strong history of promoting participation by young scientists, including graduate students, postdoctoral associates, and assistant professors, and again for the 2012 conference we would especially like to encourage applications and poster abstract submissions by young scientists.

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Towards a Molecular Understanding of Ribonucleotide Reductase Catalysis
(JoAnne Stubbe / Catherine Drennan / J. Martin Bollinger)
Radical Enzymes That Catalyze Post-Translational or Post-Transcriptional Modifications
(Osamu Nureki / Vahe Bandarian / Mohammed Atta)
Roles for Protein-Derived Cofactors in Enzyme Catalysis
(Martha Stipanuk)
Something Old, Something New: Radical SAM Enzymes
(Joan Broderick / Frank Raushel / Susan Wang)
Oxygen-Dependent Radical Enzymes
(Carsten Krebs / Justine Roth)
Biophysical Methods and Theory
(Brian Hoffman / Aimin Liu / Gary Gerfen)
Enzymes Important in Human Biochemistry or Health
(Ah-Lim Tsai / Minae Mure)
Amine Oxidases, Quinones, and Quinone Biogenesis
(Judith Klinman / Victor Davidson / Carrie Wilmot)
Radical Enzymes in Bioenergy and Biomaterials-Related Pathways
(Amy Rosenzweig / John Peters)

29 Jul - 3 Aug 2012
South Hadley
United States of America
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