Range margins in a rapidly changing world - 8th Annual Meeting

The University of British Columbia is pleased to host the 8th annual meeting of the CSEE, May 12-15, 2013, at UBC’s Okanagan campus in Kelowna BC, in the heart of the Okanagan valley.

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The conference theme is “Range margins in a rapidly changing world”. The scientific program includes:

- plenary talks by Drs. Fred Allendorf and Pierre Legendre (President’s Award Winner)

- 5 full-day and 2 half-day symposia (information BELOW)

- space for approximately 240 oral presentations and 120 poster presentations

In addition to the annual SWEEET symposium, the conference will include the following 7 symposia:

Full-day symposia:
“Grassland trophic dynamics in a changing world”
Organizers: Lauch Fraser (TRU), Bill Harrower (UBC), and Roy Turkington (UBC)

“The plant microbiome” (Sponsored by NRC Research Press and Botany).
Organizer: Miranda Hart (UBC)

“Responses to recent climate change in wild mammal populations: adaptations across time and space”
Organizers: Jeffrey Lane and Stan Boutin (University of Alberta)

“Evolution of social behaviour”
Organizers: Graham J. Thompson (UWO), Amro Zayed (York U.), Miriam Richards (Brock U.)

“Ecological and evolutionary perspectives on infectious disease in theory and practice”
Organizers: Eric Vander Wal and Fanie Pelletier (U. Sherbrooke)

Half-day symposia:
“Applying the best available science to biodiversity-related law and policy decisions”
Organizers: Leah Bendell (SFU), Patricia Gallaugher (SFU), Arne Mooers (SFU), Susan Pinkus (Ecojustice), and Justina Ray (Wildlife Conservation Society Canada)

“Natural History”
Organizers: Root Gorelick (Carleton) and Kevin Judge (Grant MacEwan U.)

12 May - 15 May 2013

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