T Cell Function and Modulation Conference

This meeting will focus on T cell function (CD4s, CD8s, and Tregs); speakers were chosen based on their expertise in T cell biology. Each speaker will select a topic or pathway in T cell biology that is intriguing, timely and are of seminal importance to T cell function and/or modulation. Talks will be 30 minutes in length followed by 5-10 minutes of discussion/questions. The goal of the meeting will be to share as much about T cell function as possible so that these principles might be applied to enhancing and/or blocking T cell function in hosts with disease. AgonOx is a company focused on discovering novel targets in the field of cancer immunotherapy; however, it is our belief that understanding the general principles of T cell function will ultimately improve therapies for cancer and other disease states.
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Doug Green: St Jude's
Michael Croft: LIAI
Charles Surh: Scripps
Leo Lefran├žois: Univ of Connecticut
Lynn Puddington: Univ of Connecticut
Andy Hurwitz: NCI
Protul Shrikant: Roswell Park
Carl Ware: Burnham Institute
Lieping Chen: Yale
Yang-Xin Fu: Univ of Chicago
Thomas Gajweski: Univ of Chicago
Steve Jameson: Univ of Minnesota
Andy Weinberg: Providence Cancer Center
Bernie Fox: Providence Cancer Center
Daniel Campbell: Univ of Washington
Stephen Hedrick: UCSD
Stephen Schoenberger: LIAI
Jeff Rathmell: Duke
Dario Vignali: St Jude's
Linda Sherman: Scripps
Pam Sharma: MD Anderson
Maria-Luisa Alegre: Univ of Chicago

Please visit http://agonox.com/mauiconference2013.html or e-mail Hiedi Simon at maui@agonox.com for further information.

28 Apr - 1 May 2013

Makena, Maui, HI
United States of America
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