19th Meeting of PhD Students in Evolutionary Biology (EMPSEB 19)

EMPSEB provides a platform for PhD students studying Evolutionary Biology to present their work and meet their peers from all over Europe. It takes place in a different European city each year, and is organised by the PhD students of the host country. The meeting is now an annual tradition that started 18 years ago with the first meeting being held in Zurich, Switzerland in 1995.

EMPSEB 19 will last for 5 days and will involve a variety of activities, discussions and excursions. Joining the participants will be a number of senior evolutionary scientists who have been invited to give plenary talks, run discussion groups, and provide expert guidance on starting a scientific career. Plenary speakers will provide constructive feedback on talks by PhD students, who are all required to give a short 10 minute presentation.
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Professor Geoff Parker, Professor Judith Mank, Professor Troy Day, Dr Dan Nussey, Dr Shakti Lamba, Dr Andy Gardner, Dr Britt Koskella, Dr Paula Stockley

3 Sep - 7 Sep 2013
near Falmouth, Cornwall, UK
United Kingdom
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