Plant Senescence; Epigenetic, Genetic, and Signaling Processes in Senescence

Senescence is of pivotal importance for both productivity of plants in the field and quality of plant products, and therefore is closely associated with issues in postharvest biology. Senescence has effects on both quantity and quality of plant products. This can be the case for example when it is conferred prematurely under detrimental situations such as drought, temperature stress, and excess light intensity. Senescence that is not optimally coordinated with plant development and storage might decrease the productivity of primary plant products used for food, feed and fuel (bioenergy). Suboptimal postharvest treatment of stored plant products resulting in premature senescence can also affect crop nutritional quality. In order to manipulate senescence, postharvest biology or postharvest conditions to obtain crop plant varieties with increased productivity and value, knowledge of the genetic and cellular processes underlying the regulation of these processes is needed.

Analyses of gene expression during senescence mainly performed on the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana revealed a massive reprogramming of gene expression indicating chromatin remodelling and epigenetic control. Similar higher order regulatory processes have been associated with genes influencing postharvest processes such as fruit ripening and likely figure prominently in postharvest activities. This conference will include sessions highlighting recent advances in senescence and post-harvest biology including environmental effects. A major focus will be on higher order regulation of senescence and postharvest processes involving genetic and epigenetic factors (chromatin remodelling, methylation and miRNAs). The meeting will integrate high order regulation of senescence and postharvest biology with approaches aimed to elucidate the function of associated gene products using the methodologies of various disciplines such as cell biology, biochemistry, physiology genetics and genomics where systems approaches will be emphasized.

Our goal is to bring together researchers and students of diverse disciplines to promote an integrated understanding of these important processes intimately associated with crop quality and productivity so as to enhance our understanding of plant senescence and postharvest biology and to provide information for crop scientists to develop improved varieties and postharvest procedures.

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Keynote Presentation: New Paradigms in Plant Senescence - Higher Order Regulation
(Karin Krupinska / Hervé Vaucheret)
Transcriptional Control of Senescence Processes
(Susheng Gan / Vicky-Buchanan-Wollaston / Karin Krupinska / Susheng Gan)
Protein Degradation and Senescence
(Andreas Fischer / Juan Guiamet / Kohko Yoshimoto)
Epigenetics and Chromatin Remodeling in Plant Senescence
(Hervé Vaucheret / Hong Gil Nam / Klaus Humbeck)
Epigenetics of Fruit Senescence
(James Giovannoni / Phillipe Gallusci / Graham Seymour / James Giovannoni)
Senescence and Postharvest Biology
(Peter Davies / Ian Ferguson / Christopher Watkins)
Senescence and Plant Productivity
(Preben Bach Holm / Celine Masclaux-Daubresse)
Stress and Stress-Related Signaling Systems in Plant Senescence
(Shimon Gepstein / Christine Foyer)
Organelle and Hormone Cross-Talk During Plant Senescence
(Karin Krupinska / Dario Leister)

8 Jul - 13 Jul 2012
United States of America
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