Biomembranes: Molecular Architecture, Dynamics and Function

This FEBS/EMBO Advanced Lecture Course, # 14 in a series that started in 1987, will accommodate about 90 graduate students, postdocs and senior scientists during a 9-day summer school in Carg├Ęse, a small village in Corsica. Lectures, poster sessions and discussions will be held from 9.00 h. till 13.00 h. and from 17.00 h. till 20.00 h. starting on Tuesday June 11, 2013. The course ends in the evening of Wednesday June 19. Active participation by all participants in all scientific activities has become a tradition.
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Vytas Bankaitis (College Station, US)
Giovanna Chimini (Marseille, FR)

Ulrich Hartl (Martinsried, DE)

Manajit Hayer-Hartl (Martinsried, DE)

Tom Kirchhausen (Boston, US)

Janet Shaw (Salt Lake City, US)

Patricia Bassereau (Paris, FR)
Eefjan Breukink (Utrecht, NL)

Joost Holthuis (Osnabrueck, DE)

Gerrit van Meer (Utrecht, NL)

Tom Rapoport (Boston, US)

William Wickner (Dartmouth, US)

EMBO plenary lecture: Peter Walter (San Francisco, US)
EMBO Science &Society Lecture: Jeff Errington (Newcastle, UK)
EMBO Women in Science Lecture: Maya Schuldiner (Rehovot, IL)

10 Jun - 20 Jun 2013
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