Molecular Mechanisms of Muscle Growth and Wasting in Health and Disease

This meeting will focus on the molecular mechanisms involved in muscle wasting diseases including cachexia, sarcopenia and muscular dystrophies. Its focus on disease aspects in skeletal muscle, its interactive format and its small size makes this meeting unique.
The conference program will feature the following sessions:
Repair mechanisms of skeletal muscle
Disease of the nerve-muscle connection
Excitation-contraction coupling, calcium handling and mitochondria
Mechanisms controlling muscle size
Epigenetics and microRNAs in muscle function
Metabolic dynamics of skeletal muscle
Interaction of skeletal muscle with other organs
Mechanisms of sarcopenia and cachexia
Muscular dystrophies and development of therapeutic strategies
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Confirmed speakers:

Benneth Anton
Burden Steven J.
Burghes Arthur H.
Campbell Kevin
Charlet Berguerand Nicolas
Esser Karyn
Gabellini Davide
Guttridge Denis
Hall Michael N.
Hamilton Susan
Judge Andrew
Keller Charles
Krauss Robert
Lynch Gordon
McNally Elizabeth
Mei Lin
Moraes Carlos
Muñoz-Cánoves Pura
Olwin Bradley
Puigserver Pere
Rando Thomas
Rossi Fabio
Rudnicki Michael
Sabatini David
Sandri Marco
Sartorelli Vittorio

15 Sep - 20 Sep 2013
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