3rd Next Generation Sequencing

GTC is proud to present the third installment of our Next Generation Sequencing Conference to be held on June 19-21 in San Francisco, CA. With the rapid evolution of sequencing technology and its implementation into multiple applications, there is a continued need for discussion: How do we apply the technology to our own research? What do we do with all of this sequencing data? What are the best ways to run a sequencing lab?

The 3rd Next Generation Sequencing Conference will provide a forum for industry, academic and government leaders in the field to present on the current and future applications of the technology as well as share strategies, best practices and protocols on the usage of the tool. Hot topics that will be covered include clinical diagnostics development, the microbiome and infectious disease applications, bioinformatics and methods of data analysis, nanopore sequencing and other future sequencing technologies on the horizon. Attend this conference to network with fellow scientists and researchers and learn about sequencing technologies that are available, how they are being applied and what are the strategies for handling the data.
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Sessions for 2013’s agenda are:

June 19th
[Pre-Conference Workshop]:
Bioinformatics & Data Management Strategies

June 20th-21st
Applications of NGS Platforms
Drug Discovery & Clinical Applications
Human Metagenomics & the Microbiome
RNA Sequencing
Nanopores & Future Sequencing Technologies


Mostafa Ronaghi
Senior Vice President & Chief Technology Officer

George Weinstock
Leader, Human Microbiome Project;
Professor, Genetics; Professor, Molecular Microbiology
Washington University

Adeyemi Adesokan
Chief Executive Officer

Tomas Babak
Senior Staff Scientist, Biology
Stanford University

Chris Dagdigian

David Deamer
Research Professor, Biomolecular Engineering
University of California Santa Cruz

Radoje Drmanac
Chief Scientific Officer
Complete Genomics

Marija Drndic
Associater Professor, Physics & Astronomy
University of Pennsylvania

Jacob Farmer
Chief Technology Officer
Cambridge Computer

Dongliang Ge
Director, Bioinformatics
Gilead Sciences

Jens Gundlach
Professor, Physics Department
University of Washington

Christian Haudenschild
Director, Genomic Research Services

Fiona Hyland
Director, Ion Informatics R&D
Life Technologies Corporation

Hanlee Ji
Associate Professor, Medicine - Oncology
Stanford University

Jingyue Ju
Samuel Ruben-Peter G. Viele Professor of Engineering; Professor of Pharmacology and Chemical Engineering; Director, Center for Genome Technology and Biomolecular Engineering
Columbia University

Scott Kahn
Chief Information Officer

Jonas Korlach
Chief Scientific Officer
Pacific Biosciences

Kai Lao
R&D Director/Principal Scientist, Genetic Systems
Life Technologies Corporation

Doron Lipson
Director, Computational Biology Methods
Foundation Medicine

Richard McCombie
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Arnold Oliphant
Ariosa Diagnostics

Robert Penny
Chief Executive Officer, Member Board of Directors

Stanislav Polonsky
Research Staff Member
IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

Richard Rava
Chief Scientific Officer

Gary Schroth
Distinguished Scientist

Somasekar Seshagiri
Principle Scientist, Molecular Biology

John Thompson
Director, Assay Development

Eske Willerslev
Professor, Centre for GeoGenetics, Natural History, Museum of Denmark
University of Copenhagen

19 Jun - 21 Jun 2013
San Francisco
United States of America
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