Systems Biology of Infection Symposium

This international conference will focus on concepts and methodologies in Systems Biology of Infection, offering the unique opportunity for researchers at all levels to discuss the latest topics in this rapidly emerging field.

It will be held at the spectacularly located Centro Stefano Franscini conference centre at Monte Verità, overlooking Lake Maggiore in Ticino, Switzerland. The program includes invited speakers who are leaders in the field, as well as selected short talks and posters from participants.

The conference is limited to 100 participants. As we expect more applicants than there are places, we highly encourage pre-registration and submission of an abstract.
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Key topics & speakers:

Keynote Speakers:
Alan Aderem, Seattle BioMed, USA
Gordon Dougan, Sanger Institute, Hinxton, UK

Pathogen Epidemiology:
Sebastien Gagneux, Swiss TPH, Basel, Switzerland
Christophe Fraser, Imperial College, London, UK
+ 2 short talks

Bernhard Palsson, University of California, San Diego, USA
Joshua D. Rabinowitz, Princeton University, USA
Uwe Sauer, ETH, Zurich, Switzerland
+ 4 short talks

Jean Gruenberg, University of Geneva, Switzerland
Marino Zerial, MPI-CBG, Dresden, Germany
+ 3 short talks

Pathogen Invasion:
Ari Helenius, ETH, Zurich, Switzerland
Tomas Kirchhausen, Harvard Medical School, Cambridge, USA
Vincent Lotteau, INSERM, Lyon, France
+ 4 short talks

Host Susceptibility:
Thijn Brummelkamp, Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam, Holland
Lalita Ramakrishnan, University of Washington, Seattle, USA
Rolf Horstmann, Bernhard Nocht Institute for Tropical Medicine, Hamburg, Germany
+ 2 short talks

Pathogen Activities:
Stefan Kappe, Seattle BioMed, USA
John McKinney, EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland
Jörg Vogel, University of Würzburg, Germany
+ 4 short talks

Application in Infection Control:
Eric Brown, McMaster University, Ontario, Canada
Roy Kishony, Harvard University, Cambridge, USA
Mariagrazia Pizza, Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics, Italy
+ 3 short talks

23 Jun - 27 Jun 2013
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