Plant & Microbial Cytoskeleton

The cytoskeleton is a system of dynamic filaments used by both prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells to generate polarity, spatially organize cell contents, and generate forces underlying cell morphogenesis, movement, and division. The Gordon Research Conference on the Plant and Microbial Cytoskeleton focuses on the most exciting advances in cytoskeletal biology in plants, fungi, bacteria, and other microbes. Due to their unique biology, these organisms often use their cytoskeletons differently from animal cells, for example to construct and shape cell walls. Similarities and differences between these diverse organisms will stimulate new ideas and help to generate new insights into more general themes and concepts. Topics will include the regulation of cytoskeletal network organization and dynamics, and the role of the cytoskeleton in cell morphogenesis, cell division, intracellular motility, cell polarity, and cell wall formation. This meeting brings together researchers who use a variety of approaches, including molecular genetics, genomics, advanced cell imaging, biochemistry, in vitro reconstitution, ultrastructural analysis, and quantitative modeling. Scientists at all career stages will have opportunities present their work. The program includes approximately 30 invited speakers, 15 short talks selected from submitted abstracts, and multiple poster sessions. The meeting encourages participation of all attendees in discussions, and ensures ample opportunity for interactions among participants, fostering brainstorming and new collaborations across disciplines.

+ show speakers and program
Principles of Cytoskeletal Assembly and Structure
(David Drubin / David Agard [keynote] / Phong Tran / Bruce Goode)
Actin Assembly, Organization and Dynamics
(Tom Pollard / David Kovar / Magdalena Bezanilla / Arash Komeili / Anja Geitmann)
Cytoskeleton and Cell Wall Assembly
(Tony Bretscher / David Ehrhardt [keynote] / K.C. Huang / Hiroo Fukuda / Ethan Garner)
Microtubule Assembly, Organization and Dynamics
(Susan Dutcher / Geoff Wasteneys / Ram Dixit / Thomas Surrey / Bela Mulder / Jeff Errington)
Hot Topics
(Wallace Marshall / short talks selected from submitted abstracts)
Cytoskeleton-Based Motility
(Chris Staiger / Jake Baum / Roger Hangarter / Iva Tolic-Norrelykke / Sam Reck-Petersen / Ke Hu)
(Fred Chang / Kerry Bloom [keynote] / Bo Liu)
(Jeff Errington / Mohan Balasubramanian / Amy Gladfelter / Piet de Boer / Erin Goley)
Polarized Cell Growth
(David Ehrhardt / Fulvia Verde / Danny Lew / Dan Szymanski / Ying Fu)

12 Aug - 17 Aug 2012
United States of America
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