Environmental Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology offers tremendous opportunities to improve product performance, human health and welfare, and environmental protection. However, benefits arising from the opportunities created by emerging technologies must be balanced by understanding potential impacts and development of policies that protect public health and the environment. The next twenty years will likely see the creation of novel materials and compounds with the integration of nanotechnology and synthetic biology, nanotechnology and information technology, along with other innovative combinations and mergers. The development of increasingly active nano structures and true atom-by-atom construction of products is likely to occur during this time period as well. As we explore and develop technologies in the fields of energy production, storage and transmission, agriculture pest control and yield, medical therapy and imaging, food and water protection, and other improvements to our quality of life based upon these novel materials; exposure, toxicity and risk assessment data will be needed for successful deployment. In addition, social context is critical for determining whose quality of life is improved and whose may be impaired. This GRC will offer a peek at the horizon of these emerging innovations and attempt to identify potential environmental issues that must be addressed as we move into the future.
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-Evolution of Nanoscale Structures in the Environment
(Kim Jones / Mike Hochella / Michael Spencer)
-Predicting Transport and Transformation Towards Sustainable Design
(Kai Loon Chen / Vicki Grassian / Howard Fairbrother / Yongsheng Chen)
-Life Cycle Implications of Nanomaterials
(Robert Hurt / Arturo Keller / Jo Anne Shatkin / Julie Beth Zimmerman)
-Food Technologies and the Environment
(Richard Canady / Jorge Gardea-Torresdey / Prabir Dutta / Cristina Sabliov)
-Advancing Agricultural & Farming Breakthroughs with Nanotechnology
(Hongda Chen / Alistar Boxall / Carl Batt / Jason Unrine)
-Tiny Solutions to Global Water Challenges
(Wei-xian Zhang / Menachem Elimelec / David M. Cwiertny / Ruey-an Doong)
-Ecological and Biological Responses: Nano Talks Back
(Andrej Kobe / Cole Matson / Rebecca Klaper / April Gu)
-Fantastic Voyages of Nanopharmaceuticals Within Biological Systems
(Greg G. Goss / Kenneth Dawson / Lanry Yung Lin Yue / James Moon)
-Manufacturing the Future: Economy Versus Ecology
(Rick Pleus / David Speed / Mark A. Banash / Daniel Bernard)

2 Jun - 7 Jun 2013
United States of America
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