Mechanisms in Biology

The Executive Committee of FEBS has awarded the FEBS Congress for 2013 to the Russian Biochemical Society. It will be located in St. Petersburg, July 6th – 11th 2013 under the Congress Presidency of Professor Vladimir Skulachev with Professor Sir Richard Roberts as Chairman of the International Advisory Board.

The Congress Theme is “Mechanisms in Biology” and we are seeking to build a powerful and diverse program to support this key theme. Symposia presently under consideration include: Immunology, RNA, Carbohydrate Biochemistry, Stem Cell Biology, Mechanisms of Proteolysis, Bacteriology, Bioinformatics, & Techniques of Biochemistry. A total of 37 symposia will be included in the program. We are expecting to have a strong cohort of keynote and symposium speakers from Europe, USA, Japan and other countries.

We are pleased to announce now that twelve Nobel Laureates: Sidney Altman, Aaron Ciechanover, Jules Hoffmann, Robert Huber, Roger Kornberg, Jean-Marie Lehn, Richard Roberts, Jack Szostak, Susumu Tonegawa, John Walker, Kurt Wuthrich, and Ada Yonath will deliver their plenary lectures at the 38th FEBS Congress in St. Petersburg.

As usual, before the main FEBS Congress the Young Scientists’ Forum will take place. Information about this can be found on this web site. The regular “Science and Society” meeting at FEBS Congresses will this time be devoted to cancer. This theme will be covered also by special scientific symposia “Molecular Biology of Cancer”.

We are delighted to invite a broad scientific community to this meeting to present their results from across the field of molecular life sciences. We are expecting to arrange a peer-reviewed selection of poster applications and invite the best applicants for oral presentation at the symposium sessions. We are also sure that a very good exhibition of scientific and biomedical equipment will be arranged during the Congress.

St. Petersburg is one of most beautiful cities in Europe with rich cultural and scientific traditions. Nobel Laureates Ivan Pavlov, Ilia Mechnikov, Nikolay Semenov and Peter Kapitza worked here, and the father of the periodic table of elements, Dmitry Mendeleev, was a Professor at St. Petersburg. We hope that the delegates of the 38th FEBS congress will have time to visit the Hermitage museum, as well as numerous other famous museums and palaces in St. Petersburg and its suburbs. A very interesting classical ballet program will be offered for the guests of St. Petersburg at the time of the Congress.
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Program Overview


1. Mechanisms of Genetic Control
Organization of eukaryotic genomes (I-S1)
RNA world (I-S2)
DNA damage and repair (I-S3)
Quantitative genomics (I-W4)
Nucleic acid targets and therapeutics (I-W5)

2. Biocatalytic Mechanisms and Protein Dynamics
Biocatalysis: General problems (II-S6)
Protein structure and folding (II-S7)
Protein dynamics (II-S8)
Enzymes reacting with organophosphorus agents (II-W9)
Alexander Braunstein Memorial Symposium: Enzymes, cofactors, mechanisms (II-W10)

3. Mechanisms of Communication and Signaling
Ion channel signaling: From spatial structures to physiological mechanisms (III-S11)
Membrane transport and secretion: From nephrons to neurons (III-S12)
Biochemistry of stress response (III-S13)
“Mitochondriology”: New approaches in bioenergetics (III-S14)
Cell mechanisms of proteolysis (III-S15)

4. Molecular Mechanisms of Disease
Biochemistry for medicine: Drug design and diagnostics (IV-S16)
Biochemistry of neoplastic transformations (IV-S17)
Mechanisms of G protein signaling (IV-S18)
Biochemistry of neurodegeneration (IV-S19)
Photoreception and biochemistry of vision (IV-S20)
Stem cells: Fundamentals and applications (IV-S21)

5. Biochemical Mechanisms of Immune Defense
Molecular basis of autoimmunity (V-S22)
Immunochemistry and bioengineering (V-S23)
B cells in inflammation and disease (V-W24)

6. General Aspects of Biochemistry
Proteomics and peptidomics (VI-S25)
Metabolism of marine organisms: Structure and activities (VI-S26)
Biochemistry of Plants (VI-S27)
Glycobiology: Сarbohydrate–protein recognition (VI-S28)
Bioinformatics (VI-W29)
Systems biology (VI-W30)
Biogenic polyamines in cell metabolism (VI-W31)
Biochemistry of invertebrates (VI-W32)
Bioengineering: Fundamentals and application (VI-W33)

7. WISE Workshop (WISE-W34)
Science & Society Session (S&S-S35)
Education in Biochemistry “The Bologna Process – Towards the European Higher Education Area: Discussing the Pros and Cons” (ED S36)
FEBS Education Committee Workshop on "Molecular Life Sciences Education for the Needs of the Industry (ED-W37)
Scientific Meeting for the Chromosome-centric Human Proteome Project (C HPP)

6 Jul - 11 Jul 2013
Saint Petersburg
Russian Federation
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