2013 Annual Conference

The molecular basis for human traits: Katherine Pollard
The evolution of gene expression regulation: Greg Gibson
Genetic Basis of Human Brain Evolution: Bing Su
Epigenetics in evolution: Misook Ha
Evolution and Diversification of Intercellular Signaling Pathways: Stuart Newfeld
Noncoding RNAs in development and evolution: Anamaria Necsulea, Maria Warnefors
Evolution of sex chromosomes: An interplay between degeneration and sexual specialization: Gabriel Marais, Kateryna Makova
Evolutionary insights from plant genomes: Robert Jansen
Molecular coevolution: Xuhua Xia
Paleovirology: endogenous viruses, molecular arms-races, and their evolutionary consequences: Cédric Feschotte and Nels Elde
Large Genome Flows in Early Evolution: James Lake
Molecular Palaeobiology: How merging molecules and rocks allows a better understanding of early evolution: Davide Pisani & Igor Schneider
Context-dependent models of molecular evolution: new methodology and applications: Joseph Herman
Molecular Mechanisms of Functional Evolution: Vincent J. Lynch and Joseph Thornton

Molecular evolution of Structural Variants: duplication, CNVs and genome-wide duplicatons: Hideki Innan
Genomics of Speciation in Non-Model Vertebrates: Emma Teeling & Taras Oleksyk
New insights into the molecular bases of genetic conflicts: Chau-Ti Ting and Catherine Montchamp-Moreau
Evolution of behavior: Comparative genomics and transcriptomics: Katja Nowick & Christopher Balakrishna
Microbial eukaryotic genome evolution: Ellen Pritham and Jessica Kissinger
Polyploidy and Genome Evolution: Keith Adams
The evolutionary genetics of complex disease susceptibility and other polygenic traits: Jonathan Pritchard and Guy Sella
Speciation Genomics: Rob Kulathinal and Sean Mullen
Evolution and functionality of de novo originated genes: Wang Wen
Next-Generation Evolutionary Genomics: Naruya Saitou and Takashi Gojobori
Young sex chromosomes in plants and animals: Ray Ming and Catherine Peichel
Molecular Evolution of Crop Genomes and Their Wild Relatives: Rod Wing
Special Symposium: Ideas and Thoughts: Andy Clark
From explicit models of biological processes to frameworks for inference: Marcy Uyenoyama
Understanding Microbial Ecology and Evolution Using Molecular Omics: Rachel Poretsky and Jack Gilbert
Where did “junk” go?: Wojciech Makalowski
Sex, Proteomics & evolution: Tim Karr
Natural Variation in Gene Expression and its Role in Adaptation and Speciation: Audrey Gasch
Genetic Effects of Radiation: The Outcomes of Fukushima: Tomoko Y. Steen and Marta Wayne
Diversity and evolution of microbes and their genomes: Jonathan Eisen
Phenotypic models of adaptation & experimental data: J. J. Emerson and Mike McDonald
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Plenary Speakers

SMBE 2013 is pleased to announce the following plenary session speakers:

Morning Plenary Session

Uri Alon (Weizmann Institute)
Richard Durbin (Sanger Institute)
Mike Eisen (U.C. Berkeley)
Jeffrey Palmer (Indiana University, Bloomington)
Molly Przeworski (University of Chicago)
Gene Robinson (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Charlesworthfest Plenary Session (to be held in the afternoon)

Brian and Deborah Charlesworth (University of Edinburgh)

Peter Andolfatto (Princeton)
Doris Bachtrog (U.C. Berkeley)
Asher Cutter (University of Toronto)
Gil McVean (Oxford)
Magnus Nordborg (Gregor Mendel Institute)

Chuck Langley (U.C. Davis) will give closing remarks.

Talk titles coming soon!

7 Jul - 11 Jul 2013
United States of America
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