Phosphorylation & G-Protein Mediated Signaling Networks

The Phosphorylation & G-Protein Mediated Signaling Networks Gordon Research Conference was established in 1970 and fostered by Nobel Laureates such as Earl Sutherland, Edwin Krebs, Alfred Gilman and Martin Rodbell and many other pioneers in the signal transduction field. Whereas initial meetings concentrated on the roles of cyclic nucleotides as second messengers, the conference has expanded to include many mechanisms by which cells respond to extracellular stimuli, with emphasis on protein kinase and heterotrimeric G protein-dependent networks directly regulated by cell-surface receptors. Malfunctions in these signaling pathways contribute to health problems that affect millions worldwide. Consequently, cell-surface receptors represent major pharmaceutical targets, and a greater understanding of the signaling networks they control will provide many future opportunities for novel and more selective therapeutic intervention.

To this end, the 2012 meeting will bring together world leaders and early stage investigators to facilitate the exchange of ideas and accelerate the pace of research in the signal transduction field. Sessions will cover recent advances in the study of heterotrimeric G protein and protein kinase signaling pathways, how these pathways contribute to disease, and how they might be targeted through translational research. There will be a strong emphasis on dissecting the molecular mechanisms of signal transfer and on new technologies being brought to bear on formerly intractable problems. Other sessions will include cutting-edge research in lipid mediated signaling pathways and desensitization mechanisms.

Financial assistance is available for underrepresented minorities who are attending their first GRC meeting through the Carl Storm Underrepresented Minority Fellowship (CSURM) program. Please see the GRC web site for further details.

+ show speakers and program
Structural Studies of Signaling
(Roger Sunahara / Jan Steyaert / Steve Gamblin)
Protein Kinase Signaling Networks
(Melanie Cobb / Tony Pawson / Forest M. White / Lawrence Lum)
New Biophysical Approaches for the Study of Signal Transduction
(Wayne Hubbell / Virgil Woods / Jin Zhang)
Signal Transduction and Disease
(Silvio Gutkind / Krzysztof Palczewski / Laura Bohn / Stefan Offermanns)
Lipid Mediated Signaling
(Jonathon Backer / Joan Heller-Brown / Sarah Spiegel)
Heterotrimeric G Protein Signaling Networks
(Alan Smrcka / Carmen Dessauer / Henrik Dohlman / Diomedes Logothetis)
Keynote Presentations: When G Proteins and Kinases Converge
(John Kuriyan / Kun-Liang Guan)
Translational Approaches in Signal Transduction
(Bryan Roth / Richard Neubig / Ben Turk / Stefan Knapp)
Regulation of Kinase and G Protein Pathways
(Anton Bennett / Maurine Linder / Mark von Zastrow)

10 Jun - 15 Jun 2012
United States of America
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