Molecular Membrane Biology

The 2013 Molecular Membrane Biology Gordon Conference in Andover, New Hampshire will cover recent advances in organelle biology and membrane traffic, including protein secretion, membrane shaping mechanisms and lipid biology, the importance of membrane trafficking for normal development, and pathogen invasion of cells. Understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying membrane trafficking pathways has provided crucial insights into numerous familial diseases and health related issues. This has only proven possible due to multidisciplinary approaches combining classical cell biology, high-resolution microscopy, structural biology and advanced biophysical methods. Recent major advances in these areas and other late-breaking discoveries will be covered at the 2013 conference. In addition to invited speakers, eighteen short talks will be selected from submitted abstracts, and poster sessions at which all attendees are encouraged to present are planned to promote discussion of the most recent developments. Applicants are encouraged to submit a brief abstract describing their current studies and to indicate whether they wish to present a poster or to be considered for a talk. The meeting program will be finalized in mid-April and we request that applicants who would like their abstracts considered for a talk to apply by April 4, 2013.
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A list of preliminary session topics and speakers is displayed below (discussion leaders, where known, are noted in italics). The detailed program is currently being developed by the Conference Chair and will be available by March 14, 2013. Please check back for updates.

Keynote Presentation: Pioneering the Frontiers of Membrane Biology
(Francis Barr / James Rothman)
Endoplasmic Reticulum Structure and Function
(Sean Munro / Tom Rappoport / Gia Voeltz / Susan Ferro-Novick / Tobias Walther)
Mechanisms of Protein Translocation and Biosynthesis
(Karin Reinisch / Rama Hegde / Irmi Sinning / Shu-ou Shan)
Vesicle Formation and Cargo Sorting
(Anne Spang / Randy Schekman / Elizabeth Miller / Felix Wieland / Charles Barlowe / Scott Emr)
Directed Vesicle Movement & Organelle Positioning
(Suzanne Pfeffer / Melina Schuh / Anna Ahkmanova / Aymelt Itzen)
Structural Insights into Membrane Shaping and Bending
(Fred Hughson / James Hurley / Vincenz Unger / Patricia Bassereau / Mika Simons)
GTPases and the Coding of Membrane Identity
(Gia Voeltz / Sean Munro / Suzanne Pfeffer / Christian Ungermann / Karin Reinisch)
Golgi and post-Golgi Trafficking
(James Rothman / Vivek Malhotra / Catherine Rabouille / Ben Glick / Peter Novick)
Trafficking on Cell Polarization & Division
(Anna Ahkmanova / Anne Spang / Jon Audhya / Fernando Martin-Belmonte / Arnaud Echard)

14 Jul - 19 Jul 2013
United States of America
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